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Ang Thong

  • Wat Khun Intapramun is one of the oldest temples. It houses the big reclining Buddha statue called Phra Sri Muang Thong.
  • Wat Pamok Worawiharn is an old temple from Sukhothai period. It features a big reclining Buddha statue.
  • Ban Bangsadet court doll center is project of Her Majesty the Queen’s initiation in order to be another way of income for people.
  • Natural bird garden is situated at Wat Riwwa. There are a lot of openbill stocks, herons, cormorants, kingfishers, shrikes, etc.
  • Basketwork Village at Ban Bangchaocha is the center of important and famous handicraft basketworks of Ang Thong province.

Ang Thong province is a small province, located in the central lowlands. Not far from Bangkok, visitors can take a one-day Trip there. There are important tourist sites, most are places of History, religion, Culture, way of life and folk wisdom. Ang Thong is full of temples of Historical significance. There are more than 200  beautiful temples.

Ang Thong is rich in Local handicrafts including the royal doll sculpture, the making of a drum, the making of clay bricks and the production of wickerwork. It is also the birthplace of folk music. In some villages, there are flower plantations such as marigolds and sunflowers on a wide field and it is becoming new tourist spots.

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