Thailand: March

Thailand: March

TourismThailand, 21 Feb 2020
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       It can be said that March is a complete hot season of around 30-40°C throughout every region of Thailand. Despite the hot weather, there are still many amazing attractions with lots of fantastic activities like seas and beaches in some provinces, which are perfect for the hot season of March. The festival held in this month is “Release Turtles into the Phang Nga Sea” a traditional festival. Once the festival ends, Phang Nga’s sea trips start. Another choice is heading to the Northeastern region even without seas but with a rich and valuable culture and traditions. Examples of traditional festivals are “Bun Phawet” or ‘Bun Mahachat” of Roi Et, which is a grand traditional event, held annually in March.

         The hot season completely comes in March and the weather is undeniably hot. This hot season is the time to dare to face the sunlight, jump into the water, and challenge the hot breeze. Start at Ko Similan in Phang Nga, which is the biggest island of Mu Ko Similan. The sea is very clear and green like emerald, and the beach looks white because of its fine sand. This place is perfect for water activities like diving to see the corals and exploring the beauty of the fish and sea turtles. Another highlight is the giant cliff rock with a panoramic viewpoint. Climb up there to appreciate the view with your own eyes. It’s phenomenal and no wonder why both Thai and foreign tourists continuously come to this place. Another festival also held in March is “Release Turtles into the Sea”, which attracts both Thai and foreign tourists. There are many activities; such as, the exhibition about how to conserve sea turtles, OTOP products for sale, some entertainment to enjoy during the night-time, etc. Besides Thale Phang Nga, Phu Khao Ya in Ranong is another landmark for you to dare the hot breeze during March. Phu Khao Ya are complex grass hills, which are entirely void of tress. During the rainy season, the grass turns green but in March, the grass turns gold and seems to dance in the hot breeze. It’s one of the beautiful places that’s totally unique. There are more challenging activities in March. Just having jumped into the water, rafting, enjoying a waterfall excursion are such fantastic activities.

         Not only jumping into the water helps you decrease the heat in your body, but it’s also a good opportunity to appreciate the nature closely, let your eyes relax by looking at the abundant green trees, relax your body and put your feet into the cold water, which is such an awesome and unforgettable experience. River rafting can be done in many regions of Thailand; for example, at Srinagarind Dam, Saiyok, Thong Pha Phum, Kanchanaburi province; Rajjaprabha Dam, Surat Thani province; Patho rafting, Chumphon province; Sirindhorn Dam, Ubon Ratchathani province, or even in the North region that is Mae Ngat Dam, Chiang Mai province.

         Another activity that adventure lovers can’t miss and is great to escape from the heat of March is “Cave Exploring at Lam Khlong Ngu National Park” in Kanchanaburi, a place of abundant nature, both trees and wild animals. Its highlight is to conquer many huge caves situated in this area. The most popular caves are Sao Hin Cave and the Swallow’s Cave. The strength of the body and heart is needed to conquer them because of the difficult activities waiting ahead including trekking, jumping and floating in the water. Some parts of the track are smooth while other parts are steep and full of rocks. It can be said that it’s absolutely a challenging place for adventurous travellers.

         Besides the adventuresome activities and awesome attractions, there’s another interesting religious ceremony which is held in March and must be joined and inherited. It’s the Bun Phawet Fair or Mahachat Merit-making Fair of Rot Et province. This fair is held annually during the beginning of March. It’s a religious fair that is great, phenomenal and filled with traditional values. The monks come to the fair for a sermon on Phra Wessandon and during the sermon, there are 13 processions following the 13 chapters of the Mahachat sermon. In the fair, there are some Khao Pun shops where visitors can get a giveaway Khao Poon Pun (Thai vermicelli). The objectives of the fair are to promote Buddhism, to conserve, promote and inherit the traditional culture of Roi Et, to promote tourism and to strengthen the good relationship among the Roi Et people.

         It sounds totally perfect for the attractions, activities and ceremonies occurring in March. However, there is much more waiting for visitors to explore and experience. 


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