Thailand : July

Thailand : July

TourismThailand, 21 Feb 2020
Keep This
  • Season of rafting.
  • The month of nature sightseeing.
  • Magnificent Festival of Floral Offerings.
  • Traditional Candle Festival on the Buddhist Lent Day.


      July is a month of the rainy season. The atmosphere is rainy, moist and cool. Every water resource is filled again, perfect for a challenging activity which is popular among both Thai and foreign tourists: rafting. In a flooding season like this, the more water, the more fun and challenge. Our recommended places for rafting are Kaeng Lam Phachi in Suan Phueng district, Ratchaburi province, and Kaeng Sam Chan in Nakhon Nayok province of which the difficulty ranges between normal to moderate.

      For July’s fruit festival, some orchards in Chanthaburi are still open for visitors to taste their fresh and delicious fruit; such as, rambutan, mangosteen, langsat, etc. Popular dishes of the rainy season are hot soups like chicken soup, sour soup or black sesame dumplings in ginger tea to boost your immune system. 

      Speaking of festivals and traditions in this month, one of the highlights is the Candle Festival on the Buddhist Lent Day. This ancient festival has been held since the Buddha’s era. In every province of Thailand, large candles will be cast and offered to different temples. Also, in some provinces, those candles will be magnificently carved for this festival. One of the most famous is Thung Sri Muang Park in Ubon Ratchathani province, which has won a candle carving contest. In addition, on the same day, Thai people in Saraburi province will attend the Festival of Floral Offerings at Wat Phra Phutthabat, Phra Phutthabat district, Saraburi. This grand festival can be seen only at this place and during this month. 

      In addition to the traditions and festivals mentioned above, there are plenty of tourist destinations to visit in this month. You can admire a beautiful view of Dok Kra Chiao or Siam Tulip Field at Pa Hin Ngam National Park in Chaiyaphum province, White Pro Phu flowers (Caulokaempferia Thailandica) at Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park in Phitsanulok province, and Pink Impatiens patula Craib Field in Tak province. You can also breathe in the fresh air at Doi Luang Chiang Dao in Chiang Mai province, Yun Lai Viewpoint at Pai in Mae Hong Son province, Hin Sam Wan Cliff (Three Whales Rock) in Bueng Kan province and Khun Sathan National Park in Nan province, or experience the moisture of a natural water resource at Sai Yok Noi Waterfall at Sai Yok National Park in Kanchanaburi province and Khlong Lan Waterfall at the Khlong Lan National Park, the most beautiful waterfall in Kamphaeng Phet province.

      During the long vacation in July, don't miss out on these amazing natural tourist attractions, charming traditions and fascinating festivals of Thailand. You’ll definitely gain so many memorable and enjoyable experiences. 

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