Where to Stay in Nan

Where to Stay in Nan

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TourismThailand, 25 ม.ค. 2020
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A romantic holiday escape – every time you hear this saying, you probably think of going to the sea. But what if you want to go somewhere other than an Island…where would you go? Pack your bags and Travel to Nan province, where a hug from the hills and mountains awaits. For those looking for a place to stay, we want to introduce to you two two Cool hotels to enjoy your Holiday in Nan. Let’s see what awaits you!

1. Sasidara Resort
Where to Stay in Nan

Sasidara resort is a luxurious resort with a traditional Lanna (northern Thai) atmosphere – just another charming spot in Nan! With the greenness of the surrounding rice fields, the freshness of the air, and refreshingly Cool breezes, you could easily stay here 2-3 days! When the evening comes, you can view the Sunset until it slips below the horizon. When the sunlight is gone, explore the beauty of the resort at night. Decorations in the resort portray meaningful traditions in Nan along with stunning silverwork.


Nearby Tourist Attractions

  1. Wat Pra Tad Khao Noi Temple        Distance from the resort    0.77 kilometres
  2. Wat Ming Mueng Temple              Distance from the resort    1.39 kilometres
  3. Wat Pu Min Temple                        Distance from the resort    1.63 kilometres
  4. Nan National museum                   Distance from the resort    1.64 kilometres
  5. Wat Pra Tad Chae Haeng                Distance from the resort    3.89 kilometres
  6. Nan Riverside Art Gallery                Distance from the resort   18.59Kilometers
  7. Nan Airport                                     Distance from the resort   4.60 kilometers


Check-in and Check-out Times
Check-in  : After 2.00 P.M.   Check-out  : Before 12.00 P.M.


Address  : 629 Moo 4 Tambon Chaisatan, Ampur Mueng, Nan province 55000


Contact Information

Email  : info@sasidararesort.com

Telephone  : 054-774-483, 089-850-9762

2. Pua De View Boutique Resort
Where to Stay in Nan

The cold season is the best time to Travel to northern Thailand, including Nan! We invite everyone to rest at Pua De view Boutique resort. The location will take you on a relaxing journey, full of refreshing nature, calmness, and convenience. This is best for those who need a break from work – simply sit and enjoy the surrounding mountains, clouds, and breezes. If you are there as a couple, it is also quite romantic! Surrounded by the hills and mountains, there’s no other place like Nan.


Nearby Tourist Attractions

  1. 200-Year-Old Ratanakosin Era Reservoir     Distance from the resort   0.52   kilometres
  2. Thai Lue Coffee                                           Distance from the resort  4.25   kilometres
  3. Wang Nam Pua                                            Distance from the resort  6.34   kilometres
  4. Doi Phu Khu national park                          Distance from the resort  17.24  kilometres
  5. Wat Pu Min                                                  Distance from the resort  47.38  kilometres
  6. Pra Tad Chae Haeng                                     Distance from the resort  48.48  kilometres
  7. Nan Airport                                                  Distance from the resort  43.47  kilometres


Check-in and Check-out Times 

Check-in  : After 3.00pm. 

Check-out  : Before 12.00pm. 


Address  : 222 Moo 5 Baan Gam, Tambon Woranakorn, Amphoe Pua, Nan province 55120 


Contact Information

Email  : puadeview@gmail.com

Telephone  : 064-159-4564

Facebook  : puadeview


There is no reason why you shouldn’t visit to Nan! The atmosphere is excellent and multiple attractions are close to the City. This upcoming cold season, if you don’t have Travel plans yet, head to Nan! 

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