Travel to the Past at Sukhothai – the Land of History

Travel to the Past at Sukhothai – the Land of History

TourismThailand, 28 Jan 2020
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Sukhothai used to be a kingdom of abundance in the past, which has represented the identity of the Thais up until the present. Despite long gone, the trace of culture has been still inherited through the historic sites which were renovated to become archaeological tourist destinations. So, when arriving in Sukhothai, it would be a waste if you didn’t use this opportunity to learn about the rich heritage of the past while admiring the historical destinations located here.

1. Sathorn Gold Textile Museum
Travel to the Past at Sukhothai – the Land of History

This museum was founded by Mr. Sathorn Soratprasobsanti, whose ancestors were ancient Thai Puan people. Born and raised in Amphoe Si Satchanalai, Mr. Sathorn cherishes his admiration in “Thin Chok cloth – a special woven cloth with a unique pattern on the end”. Derived from his perseverance in working in the garment industry, until one day he started his own business line modifying Thin Chok cloth into a necktie, garments, and women’s purse. Thus, he generated income for the descendants of the Thai Puan who produce the cloth for Mr. Sathorn. The change came when he was introduced to the revered master Auab Sanasaen, who brought him to the world of ancient fabric. Eventually, he decided to build a house where he could showcase his marvellous collections of the woven treasuries for the world to admire. 


Inside stands an exhibition area, the “museum of ancient cloth – Ban Hat Siao”, which showcases ancient clothes along with the utensils used by the Thai Puan people during prehistoric times; the queen of them all is none but the gold cloth which costs heftily up to 380,000 Baht. Another feature in the establishment is the “museum of the ancient dwellings” – a grand residence made of wood, showcasing the everyday utensils to represent the lives of the Thai Puan people hundreds of years ago.


For the guide, there is no one who knows better than Mr. Sathorn himself, who will bring you to experience and admire the cultural heritage of the Thai Puan with an insight only at this museum.


Address: 477/2, Highway No. 101, Tambon Hat Siao, Amphoe Si Satchanalai, Sukhothai 64130

Open daily: 08.00 - 17.30 Hrs.

Tel.: 055-671-143

Fax: 055-630-119



2. Ganesha Gallery
Travel to the Past at Sukhothai – the Land of History

Ganesha is a well-decorated gallery: from the wall, the statue at the entrance, to the inside areas that are arranged with various styles of splendid celadon ware With a Brahman-Hindu influence that entered Thailand during the early Sukhothai era, you can still sense the subtle distinguishing feature which was portrayed through each of the masterpieces here. 


In addition to the exhibition area, Ganesha also has a classroom where you can learn to mould and draw a pattern on the celadon ware. These activities are very popular among Thais and foreign tourists; the best part is that you will get a piece of your own craft to take home as a souvenir.


Address: 227/3, Mu 3, Tambon Mueang Kao, Amphoe Mueang, Sukhothai 64210

Tel.: 089-999-4402 / 083-872-0175

3. Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat Ratchaworawihan (Wat Phra Prang)
Travel to the Past at Sukhothai – the Land of History

This is a royal temple where many artefacts are enshrined. It is estimated that Wat Phra Prang is more than 800 years old. The position of the temple was at the centre of Chaliang city in the Dvaravati period. Thus, this temple has been watching the transition of various reigns and eras since the early historic times. As for the architectural style, archaeologists said that it was built during the Ayutthaya period (around 2017 B.E.). Inside the Phra Prang stands a lotus bud stupa containing the offering, which the locals call the “Buddha's heart”. Anyone who plans to visit Si Satchanala shouldn’t forget to stop to pay respect at this place to ensure good fortune.


Address: Mu 6, Tambon Si Satchanalai, Amphoe Si Satchanalai, Sukhothai 64130

Tel.: 085-050-7107

4. Organic Agriculture Project, Sukhothai Airport
Travel to the Past at Sukhothai – the Land of History

This is a place where you can learn about organic farming and the sufficiency way of life through activities and workshops. Inside the Project, a vast field has been arranged for growing rice, vegetables, and fruits with space for raising ducks and chickens. Visitors who visit the Project will learn how to collect duck eggs for cooking, make sweet dried bananas, mill rice, harvest rice, practice organic farming and much more. To serve various kinds of tourists’ expectations, the Project has organised a series of activities. Anyone interested in learning about how to live a sufficient life can come to participate in the various activities. The Project is located inside the Sukhothai Airport – it’s not difficult to find.


Address: 99/1-3 Mu 2, Tambon Khlong Krachong, Amphoe Sawankhalok, Sukhothai 64110

Tel.: 055-647-290, 086-202-3757


Sukhothai was a kingdom that stood for several hundred years. Apart from the destinations mentioned above, there are plenty of cultural tourist spots where you can visit to learn about the ancient heritage from the past era. We hope that you’ll attain the most memorable experiences and precious memories before going back to your daily grind.

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