5 of the Best Restaurants in Nan

5 of the Best Restaurants in Nan

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Incredible food is easy to find throughout Thailand and the province of Nan is no different! Let’s take a look at some of the best restaurants in Nan ranging from dessert stalls to local northern Thai eateries that have been popular for years. Don’t miss out! 


Let’s begin with the most famous dessert place in Nan…. 

1. Khanom Wan Pa Nim Restaurant
5 of the Best Restaurants in Nan

Khanom Wan Pa Nim has become one of the most well-known dessert places in Nan, topping the list of the province’s must-try restaurants that no one should miss out on while visiting Nan. Here you’ll find a variety of sweet treats, including both hot and cold desserts. The hot dessert menu includes bua loi kai wan, sweet sticky rice with taro and coconut, and tao suan. Cold desserts include shaved ice with toppings, sarim ice cream (traditional Thai dessert sweet noodles with ice cream), fresh smoothies, coconut milk ice cream, and more.


Recommended Dishes

“Bua Loi Kai Wan”   Small rice flour balls that are soft and sticky cooked in sweet coconut cream.


“Tao Suan”   Sweet yellow mung bean pudding topped with slightly salty coconut milk. You will be surprised by the fantastic taste. 


“Sweet Job’s Tears Pudding”   Job’s Tears boiled with coconut milk for a surprisingly mellow taste. 


“Black Sticky Rice Pudding”   A delicate rice pudding using quality black sticky rice topped with a splash of coconut milk for a slightly sweet end to the meal. 


Address  : 92/5 Teng Tai Rach Intersection, Nai Wiang Subdistrict, Mueang Nan District, Nan 55000


How to Get There   : From Kuang Mueng Nan, drive along Suriyapong Road and pass Wat Ming and the Nan Tourist Police Station. When you reach Teng Tai Rach Intersection, Khanom Wan Pa Nim will be at the corner, opposite Wat Sri Pan Ton.


Contact Information

Telephone  : 085-036-6108

Facebook  : Khanom Wan Pa Nim the new restaurant

Open - Close  :  11.00 A.M. - 10.00 P.M. 

Fresh coconut milk ice cream is available starting from 11.30 A.M. At 5.00 P.M. they begin to also offer bua loi and other hot desserts.


Of course there is more food in Nan than just dessert! Let’s go to Baan Huanam Mushroom Farm, a famous restaurant in Nan’s Pua district. Here mushrooms fresh the farm take centre stage. 


2. Baan Huanam Mushroom Farm
5 of the Best Restaurants in Nan

You will certainly miss out if you don’t taste the food at Baan Huanam Mushroom Farm. This restaurant has a very good view and often has nice weather, which is enjoyed best by sitting, eating, and looking out over the green field while you’re having a meal. (Just expect to take a queue card when you arrive because the restaurant is usually very busy!) In addition to the premium mushroom menu, all the dishes here come without MSG. There is also a coffee shop that serves a variety of delicious drinks, including coffee, cocoa, honey, lemon, and more. 


Recommended Dishes  

“The Mushroom Pizza”                      If you like to eat pizza, you have to try this signature dish…we guarantee that you will forget all the pizza that you’ve ever had before.


“Deep-Fried Mushrooms”                 Mushrooms collected fresh from the farm and deep-fried to a perfect crispiness.  


“Shiitake Mushroom Baked Cheese"              Fragrant shiitake mushrooms combined with hot baked cheese – the best! 

Address  : 129 Baan Huanam, Si La Lang, Pua District, Nan 55120


How to Get There  : It’s 10 minutes from the downtown district, The restaurant is located inside a house. At Huanam homestay, if you come during the farming season, you will be welcomed by green fields. 


Contact Information

Telephone  : 054-718-468

Open - Close : daily 8.00 A.M. - 6.30 P.M. 


Next, let’s visit three well-known local restaurants that serve up authentic northern Thai food, starting with Huan Phu Kha. 

3. Huan Phu Kha Restaurant
5 of the Best Restaurants in Nan

Huan Phu Kha is a real authentic Nan restaurant, decorated with old wooden tools, hanging spices, and other icons of Nan. The dining area is open-air and offers a lot of local dishes for you to try. The prices are reasonable as well. We can guarantee that tourists who want to try eating local food will love it! 


Recommended Dishes

“Hors D’oeuvres Mueang”  Full set of crispy pork, Chinese sausage, pork sausage, fresh vegetables, boiled eggs, and chilli relish. 

“Crispy Fish Papaya Salad”  Flavourful papaya salad with the crispy fish. 

“Ma-Kwaen Pepper Pork Rib”  Succulent soft pork ribs deep-fried with ma-kwaen pepper and spices. 


Address  : 13/2 Ka Luang Road, Nai Wiang Subdistrict, Mueang Nan District, Nan 


How to Get There  : Take Suriyapong Road in downtown Nan for about 300 metres to Achitawong Road then turn left and drive straight to Ka Luang Road for about 800 metres. The restaurant is on the right-hand side.   


Contact information           

Telephone  : 095-962-9663

Open - Close  : Everyday from 10.00A.M. - 10.00P.M. 

Facebook  : https://www.facebook.com/HUANPUKA/


From there, it’s not very far to our next spot, Huan Hom. 


4. Huan Hom Restaurant
5 of the Best Restaurants in Nan

Huan Hom Restaurant is a local, traditional northern Thai restaurant right in the heart of Nan Town. The restaurant has an open-air dining area, along with both regular tables and khantoke tables, allowing diners to sit on the ground and eat in the traditional northern way. Most visitors to Nan here about this place because it’s really popular with the locals. Aside from selling food, the owner also runs Nan Touring company and organizes activities and excursions in Nan, including Wa River rafting. 


Recommended Dishes

“Hors D’oeuvres Mueang” Full set of crispy pork, Chinese sausage, pork sausage, fresh vegetables, boiled eggs, and chili relish.

“Ma-Kwaen Fried Chicken” Crispy fried chicken with ma-kwaen pepper. 

“Khao Soi with Chicken”  A famous northern Thai curry noodle soup served with a splash of salty coconut milk and large chicken drumstick. 


Address  : 11/12 Suriyapong Road, Nai Wiang Subdistrict, Mueang Nan District, Nan


How to Get There  : From Nan Town, take Suripong Road and head towards Wat Pu Min. The restaurant is on the opposite side of the temple.


Contact Information

Telephone  : 054-751-122 , 081-961-7711

Open-Close  : Every day from 08.00A.M. to 7.00P.M. 

Facebook  : https://www.facebook.com/pages/เฮือนฮอม


The last restaurant on our list is Wunda, which serves simple curry rice with fantastic flavour.

5. Wunda Restaurant
5 of the Best Restaurants in Nan

Wunda restaurant has been open for more than 40 years in Nan and serves a variety of curries over rice. Because of its good flavour, the restaurant has become very famous, yet the dish prices are very cheap compared to typical restaurant prices. Aside from curries and rice, it also offers local northern food, like khao kan jin and khao soy, which are both must-try dishes while visiting northern Thailand! 

Recommended Dishes

“Nam Ngiao Rice Noodles” Sticky white rice noodles served with a spicy northern curry soup. 

“Khao Kan Jin”A local dish with pork, congealed pork blood, and lemongrass leaves that are mixed with rice and steamed again then eaten with fried garlic. 

“Rice and Curry” A variety of authentic Thai curries served over hot rice. 


Address  : 100/3 Ka Luang Road, Nai Weing, Amphoe Mueng Nan, Nan Province 55000


Travel  : From Rim Mae Nam Nan Road (Krungsri Bridge), head to Ka Laung Road (about 30 metres). Wan Da restaurant is on the left-hand side.


Contact Information

Open - Close Hours  : Every day from 08.00 A.M. - 5.00 P.M. 

Facebook  : https://www.facebook.com/wunda.nan


Now we’re full from food and happiness! If you pass through Nan, don’t forget to hunt down these fantastic restaurants


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