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Chumphon: HomeStay and fishermen's lifestyle 
The coastal province of Chumphon can be a genuine retreat for those who wish to hide out for a while. Off the tourists’ beaten path, Chumphon offers picturesque coves among utmost tranquility. 

Most homestay operators offer simple accommodations, fan rooms and a large terrace that opens to great view of a seascape. At dawn, long-tailed Fishing Boats make their way back to shore after night-long shift. Kids dive and swim in crystal clear water while housewives select fresh catches for dinner. Sit back, relax and enjoy sumptuous Seafood at homestays in Chumphon that will amaze you. 

Besides typical fishing method, fishermen of Chumphon have a unique way to catch squids, called Bam Muk. Lamps will be placed on poles offshore at dusk. They will be left for a few hours, allowing the light to lure squids and fish. When the fishermen return quietly and lift the nets laid beneath the lamps, they can catch the squid easily. 

Going to Bam Muk is a good fun. Some boat provides cooking tools for tourists and allow them to enjoy the catches right on board. 

Moreover, in the dark night, tourists will be also mesmerized by a glorious sight of glowing bay when plankton slowly illuminate it and move around like a glowing quiet dance in the dark water. 

A hideaway in Chumphon homestay can be an absolute astonishing experience. 

How to get there: Chumphon is 288 miles south of Bangkok. Dan Dome Homestay, in Sawee District, offers homestay service with meals at 800 baht per person. Call 086-941-7046 for more information.

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