Amazing Film Festival Experience

Amazing Film Festival Experience

TourismThailand, 30 พ.ค. 2023
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TAT, Film Federation unite to organize Amazing Film Festival Experience to cement Thailand’s status
Amazing Film Festival Experience

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has joined forces with the Federation of National Film Association to organize an enchanting movie festival titled “Amazing Film Festival Experience” from June 2-4, 2023, at Wisdom Valley, Chonburi, promoting Thai films under strategy Soft Power: F – Film. The festival will accentuate a key dimension of a Travel trend, highlighting Thailand as the “World’s Best Film Destination” and gearing the country on the path to becoming the very center of the world-class film industry. You are invited to enjoy an “amazing” experience by watching movies via four new engaging formats.

TAT Deputy Governor for Tourism Products and Business Mr. Apichai Chatchalermkit said the Agency aims to revitalize Thailand’s Tourism industry to achieve balance, with an emphasis on experiential tourism along with soft power to promote Travel by using Thai identity, way of life, Local wisdom and arts & Culture as selling points, taking Travel experience and enjoyment a step further. 

Tourism products and services would be enhanced in terms of qualitative change to cater to tourist demand, he vowed, adding that TAT is going all out to deliver a meaningful Travel and amazing experience to make Thailand a valuable destination. Therefore, one of the strategies is organizing the Amazing Film Festival Experience by utilizing the soft power of films under the “5Fs” approach, with the film industry to be developed into an important Tourism product and linked to various forms of tourism. 

“Thanks go to the beauty of Thai destinations, which have hosted key scenes in famous Thai and foreign movies. These scenes attract Travelers’ attention, giving birth to a travel model in which tourists who are movie enthusiasts are keen to visit those places – a viral trend on social media,” Mr. Apichai pointed out. “Moreover, Thailand is ready to provide a comprehensive production facilities and personnel who have extensive knowledge and expertise in making movies, besides offering a variety of alluring locations which makes film production in the kingdom convenient and efficient. Therefore, it is a good opportunity to propel Thailand into becoming an international filming destination,” he added.

“The Amazing Film Festival Experience is organized under the concept of the World’s Best Film Destination, reflecting creative ideas and promoting uniqueness to help Thailand gain world-class film-City status. The EVENT will comprise interesting activities, such as a Film Showcase & Exhibition, where experts are honored to share their knowledge about the production process,” he said.

“Included in the Festival are a short-film event, Installation Art, more than 20 Thai and foreign films, and a highlight activity in which TAT will help participants experience new dimensions of outdoor film viewing that feature four different formats: 1. Watching movies on a giant screen by the Lake; 2. Watching movies on a vertical screen (Vertical Theater); 3. Watching outdoor movies – reminiscent of the old days; and 4. Experiencing Thailand’s first ‘Forest Theater’, Mr. Apichai explained.

There are also other activities – such as photo check in—snapping pictures of famous movie scenes, enjoying Local Food at booths and chilling out and relaxing by a Lake listening to music from popular artists like Jannine Parawie Weigel or “Ploychompoo”;six-member boy band Proxie; male duo band Dept, Chawarin Perdpiriyawong or Nunew Chawarin and Arak Amornsupasiri or “Pae Arak”; as well as top rock band Lomosonic.

TAT believes the Amazing Film Festival Experience will be a platform for people in the industry to exchange knowledge and be an important step in reflecting cooperation between the Tourism and the film industries in promoting Thailand's soft power internationally.

Furthermore, it is advantageous for both industries to develop and standardize their products in Order to become an important tool in economic and cultural development, resulting in positive results for the country in terms of the cultural effect. TAT expects the EVENT to generate at least 50 million baht for the Local economy.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Amazing Film Festival Experience, which is free. If you would like more details, check out the following platforms: facebook fanpages: Amazing Film Festival Experience or Thailand Festival, or the website, or TAT’s Contact Center via 1672 Travel Buddy.

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