Transportation Options
Transportation Options

There are many ways to get around Thailand, including the following list of the most popular means of transportation.

By far the easiest way to travel in Thailand is via air, as the distance covered by a one hour flight can take up to twelve hours by bus or train. 
Airport Shuttle
Shuttle busses follow two routes, the Express and Ordinary Routes; both are free of charge for passengers and consist of the following stops, the Express Route focusing solely on transportation facilities:
Bus & Coach

Thailand features a wide variety of bus options, including comfortable air conditioned coaches, linking all major and minor cities and towns throughout the kingdom. 

Custom Transfers
Few people actually enjoy driving in Bangkok but wish for nicer transportation services than the public taxis.  Fortunately there are a number of custom limousine services that provide professional drivers and a selection of vehicles for your convenience, comfort and safety. 
Car & Vehicle Hire

When traveling in Thailand, hiring a Thai car can be an enjoyable and relatively inexpensive way of getting about. 


Bangkok may arguable have more taxis than any city on Earth.  Not only are they plentiful, they are very reasonably priced now that meters have become the norm.

Bangkok BTS Skytrain

Thailand has entered the 21st century with several modern, electric rail systems that are helping ease traffic congestion and make travel around the city more comfortable and convenient. 

Underground Bangkok MRT Subway

Bangkok’s transportation system has entered the 21st century with modern, electric rail lines that are easing traffic and making travel around the capital city both comfortable and convenient. 

Airport Rail Link

Airport Rail Link provides train service at the maximum speed of 160 kilometer per hour on an elevated track parallel to the eastern railway, which covers the distance of approximately 28 kilometers, passing through 8 stations:


The Thailand train network is quite extensive and, in addition to being reasonably priced, is a charming way to travel the countryside. 

Tuk tuks
One of the most iconic modes of transportation, the tuk tuk is a truly Thai vehicle.  The colorful, noisy, open-air tuk tuks that are found throughout Bangkok are both a “must ride” experience for visitors and a convenient way for both visitors and locals to quickly travel around.
Boats & Yachts

Thailand has many bodies of water and a long history of travel by boat.  Learn about the ways to travel around Thailand by boat. 

Motorcycle and Scooter Rentals

Motorcycles are one of the most popular modes of transportation in Thailand as they are inexpensive and fuel efficient.  Both within cities and around the countryside, motorcycles are used by numerous Thais for work and personal travel.  

There are various opportunities for cyclists to enjoy Thailand.  This includes hiring tandem bicycles to cruise around beach towns such as Hua Hin, exploring the temples of Ayutthaya or Sukhothai, experiencing an extreme mountain biking adventure in Chiang Mai, or going on a multi-day bike tour that passes through small Thai villages and stops at natural and historical attractions along the way.  
Believe it or not, several international motorhome agencies offer the opportunity for you to explore Thailand in a mobile recreational vehicle.  Depending on the size, these mobile homes feature bedrooms with TVs and even kitchens with dining tables.
Driving in Thailand

Driving a car in Thailand allows you more freedom to explore the kingdom, but should be done only after familiarizing yourself with the local driving laws and customs. 

Private Chaters
If you are looking for a private charter flight around Thailand there are numerous opportunities as most Thailand airports have services for private charter flights including a number of smaller airports that are not serviced by normal commercial flights.