Shin Daikoku
Shin Daikoku

Fine Dining, Children/Family


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Opening Hour

11.00 - 22.30

Opening Days

Monday - Sunday


Intercontinental bangkok, 973 Ploenchit rd, Bangkok 10330


+66 5325-3666

Shin Daikoku is one of the oldest Japanese restaurants in town and has been offering the cuisine of the Land of the Rising Sun for almost four decades. At its latest branch next door to the InterContinental Bangkok, the portions come big. Each sashimi slice is thick and fresh. Highly recommended is rainbow tempura; this dish consists of four types of crusted shrimp balls deep-fried tempura style. Caterpillar avocado roll is also amazing and can easily fill a grown man with its huge portion. Grilled eel is also recommended, while assorted sashimi for two comes with a variety of fresh fish. Shin Daikoku is also well known for its teppanyaki and shabu shabu dishes.

Address :

Intercontinental bangkok, 973 Ploenchit rd, Bangkok 10330

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