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11.00 - 14.00

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Monday - Sunday


Peninsula Plaza, 153 Rajdamri Rd, Bangkok 10330


+66 38 231 996

The menu here is large, offering traditional Thai and continental favourites. Look for the interesting array of salads: spicy papaya salad with coconut rice and shredded sweet pork is a perfect starter, although healthier choices include carrot, rocket, apple and sunflower seed, Thai-style spicy mixed fruit, and sun-dried salmon with crunchy green apple. Grilled asparagus and bacon with lemon oil is very refreshing. Main courses include a wide selection of noodles, pasta and rice dishes; the restaurant is famous for its Peninsula noodles with beef, pork or fish balls. Alternatively, try the typically Provencale dishes such as bouillabaise, or duck with Campari orange sauce. Authentic Thai curries, and a number of fish and meat entrees round out the menu. Traditional Thai desserts are also justifiably renowned.


here is no wine list, but the restaurant offers a limited number of reds and whites.

Address :

Peninsula Plaza, 153 Rajdamri Rd, Bangkok 10330

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