Planet Bollywood

Fine Dining


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11.00 - 22.30

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Monday - Sunday


13 Sathorn Soi 1, South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120


+66 0 3837-0386

Among Bangkok's leading Indian restaurants, Planet Bollywood offers authentic Indian food alongside surprising chilli- and pepper-filled Indian-Chinese dishes such as chilli chicken and Sichuan paneer. There is no need to try the entire menu at once; they do a thriving home delivery business. From the tandoor clay oven, start with reshmi kebab, a skewer of large chunks of boneless chicken, dipped in batter and grilled. Tandoori prawns are so succulent it's hard to resist ordering more. Chicken biryani, fragrant yellow rice topped with fried onion slivers and tomato, is also tasty, while potato samosa is incredible. Order mixed raita to go with spicier dishes; its light, tangy flavours temper the stronger flavours. Rogan josh kashmiri, lamb curry with eggplant, features spicing that rolls around the palate memorably. Gulab jamun, milk balls in rose water syrup, is a sweet, lingering closer.


Separate bar, cocktail lounge

Address :

13 Sathorn Soi 1, South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120

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