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Pak Wan (- sweet leaf bush vegetable -) was known among local people for many years before getting more popular in both Thai and foriegn kitchen, until now it is sold in The Mall Department Store under the name “Pak Wan Ban Narubodin”. Today we will take you to taste the original recipe of Pak Wan at “Pak Wan Ban Restaurant”.

Located on the Kanchanaburi – Saiyok waterfall route, the origin of the famous Pak Wan starts from Pak Wan Seed from the Suan Chitralada project (- the royal project of King Rama IX, aiming to support the theory of sufficient economy-). Pak Wan Ban or full name “Sauropus androgynus merr” is a typical bush plant with leaf blade and branchlets green slender, easily grows in rainy season. It is a toxic free vegetable naturally and safe from any kind of insects.

Even though the restaurant isn’t located on the best spot, it is always full with customers. With its distinctive taste and good quality product, Pak Wan Ban has become the recommended dish of this restaurant. The most famous dish that you should not miss is “Pak Wan Ban Fai Daeng”. Recently they just opened their first branch in Bangkok at Rama II road.

Behind the restaurant is a large farm with over a hundred Rai (- unit of area; one rai is equal to 1,600 square meters -). Pak Wan Ban in this farm is sold to department stores while some are kept for this restaurant. The farm has been regularly checked to ensure the quality of the product; therefore, the freshness and the toxic-free are guaranteed.

Despite the similar name, Pak Wan Ban (House Pak Wan) is quite different to Pak Wan Pa (Wild Pak Wan) both in taste and color. Comparing to Pak Wan Pa, Pak Wan Ban is deeper in color and has chubby stem in. Both kinds have their own advantage. Pak Wan Ban is a good ingredient for fried dish, especially to stir with chili or oyster sauce, while Pan Wan Pa is suitable for curry, such as Pak Wan Pa curry with ant eggs, or dipping with tasty Nam Prick (- traditional Thai spicy sauce-).

As its name, Pak Wan Pa is found growing in the rich forest, especially in rock cranny. It can not be cultivated in the farm like Pak Wan Ban, that’s why Pak Wan Ban is now more popular than Pak Wan Pa, which is hard to find.

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91 Asia Tumbol Lumsum Amphoe Sai Yok Kanchanaburi 71150

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