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11.30 - 23.30

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Monday - Sunday


42 Convent Rd, Bangkok 10500


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Naj serves stylish Thai cuisine adapted for foreign tastes, but not to the extent that it loses its essential qualities. A selection of starters includes toong tong (money bags), mee krob (crispy noodles) and satay (chicken skewers); the nibbles pack enough flavour to stimulate the appetite, without numbing the taste buds. Tod mun (fish patties) is juicy under a crispy coating, and tangy yum som-o (pomelo salad) comes with fat, moreish prawns. Massaman curry is a comforting main course, with hefty chunks of chicken and potato in lip-smacking gravy. Sea bass in chilli and lime has a good balance of spices, but the fish is perhaps a little overcooked. A mixture of seafood in black pepper offers an invigorating alternative. A fairly standard array of Thai desserts includes mango with sticky rice and a tasty wedge of pumpkin stuffed with custard.


Separate bar, cocktail lounge

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42 Convent Rd, Bangkok 10500

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