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11.30 - 00.00

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Monday - Sunday


2 Sukhumvit soi 29, Bangkok 10110


+66 89 5940161, +66 89 8737398

Here is Thai fusion fare at its best. The dishes on offer are clearly the fruit of the chef's creativity and hard work, exemplified by marinated lamb satay wrapped in pandanus leaves and placed over a charcoal grill for that earthy flavour. Deep-fried soft- shell crab with spiced green mango salad is electrifying, almost giving the crab a life of its own. Pan-fried snow fish fillet in green curry dances on your tongue before slowly fading away along with the zingy flavours of the sauce. Don't miss out on the house speciality, Phuket lobster baked in its shell with Thai chilli mousse; it represents the pinnacle of fusion excellence. Desserts tend to the classic: mango and sticky rice; chocolate brownie and ice cream

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2 Sukhumvit soi 29, Bangkok 10110

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