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19/ M00 4 Klongsabua Ayutthaya Thailand


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Excellent meals prepared from fresh ingredients, healthy Snacks and drinks from all corners of the Globe are awaiting your arrival in our Restaurant.
Have a feast and celebrate your special occasions in our care. We can serve NUMBER guests and spoil them with the sophisticated delicious Thai cuisine, which originated right here in Ayutthaya.
The cuisine developed during the Golden Siam Age when Ayutthaya, located on the Silk Route, was a rich and powerful city. Residence to the King and capital of Thailand the local cuisine was benefiting from all the wealth and the spices, herbs and foreign influences which passed between China and the Middle East. Ayutthaya however created very own recipes inspired by the region's great assortment of fruits and vegetables and it also served the King in the refined form of the "Royal Cuisine" .
To enjoy this world famous food in its authentic character and quality, a trip to our Restaurant Intarakorn is a very special experience.
We offer a wide selection of Wines to accompany the different meat and fish dishes.
Before dinner choose your Aperitif and to close the day perfectly and in style enjoy one of our Cocktails, alcohol free ones are also available.
After a walk through our garden you can comfortably go to sleep in one of our well prepared rooms.

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19/ M00 4 Klongsabua Ayutthaya Thailand

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