Duenyee Restaurant



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00.00 - 00.00

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Monday - Sunday


8/3 Moo 1 Mittraparb km.209 Rd., Sikew, Nakornratchasima


+66 2 2635000

If you use a route from Bangkok to Isan when you leave the city Nakhon Ratchasima Heading to Bangkok
Sung Noen through. Then it's Sikhio. Before you months to Restaurant Yi (Monkey year) our
The notice on the right path friendship, you'll see Luang Pho, the largest in the world that you slowing down the car to parallel And then ran straight for 1 km you will see Yi Restaurant Month (year of the Monkey) ครับ.
When to visit, you can add freshness to yourself and your family or companion
Atmosphere filled with natural charm. And the service friendly. The shop is divided into proportion.
To the outdoor atmosphere with Style forest. Classic Mini meet with Perfect â Aamgt old Or a romantic Bali
Õ Restaurant Yi month. (Monkey year) operates more than 9 years serving customers from over 150 seats Open daily.
11.00 am - 23.00 pm serving Thai - Chinese Restaurant Yi month. (Monkey year) also won the Public Health Department
As a 5 star restaurant restaurants safety awards. Jua's cold Nakhon Ratchasima Certificate of food is also delicious, clean food to be analyzed. Nutrition.
And selected. A restaurant menu, including curry HEALTH Liang Gem. Matcha Todrnoop secretly delicious fish head.
Kale Frame Tom Yum Pla Chon shock Matcha contains vegetables and private corner guide menu such as fish seasoned Emperor.
Chicken queen Matcha displaced. Paradise Shrimp Spring Rolls Steamed Milk Tofu Spicy Tofu Pad Cha sea perch.
Three groups of 5 mm full warlord catfish with chili burn Fried seafood sea of drunken shrimp, etc Plaza.
End up with a dessert fruit in syrup Krathon ครับ

Address :

8/3 Moo 1 Mittraparb km.209 Rd., Sikew, Nakornratchasima

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