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11.30 - 22.30

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Monday - Sunday


20-20/1 Ruamrudee Village, Soi Ruamrudee, Bangkok 10330


+66 2 6636633

Sesame crackers with sweet and sour sauce and salad leaves with a sweet chili sauce are served to munch over while diners review the menu that shows exactly what to expect with each dish. Start with Vietnamese style tacos, a crispy sesame seed wafer packed with soft cheese, shredded lettuce and processed pork. Vietnamese soup and noodle dishes (pho) with either chicken, beef or shrimp are delightfully tasty and can be spiced to taste from the selection of garnishes and chilli sauces. Tamarind soft-shell crab presented with chives, dried red chillies and fried garlic offers a full-flavoured, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, experience. The dessert menu is not extensive but given the plentiful presentation of the main dishes, this does not seem to matter.


A modest and inexpensive wine list with 10 or so reds and whites from California, Australia and France.

Address :

20-20/1 Ruamrudee Village, Soi Ruamrudee, Bangkok 10330

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