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232 Mae Nam Kwai, Tamakan, Kanchanaburi, 71000, Thailand


+66 2 2779189,+66 89 6814444

Walking along the tourist strip in Kanchanaburi you are struck by the sameness of it all. All the bars/restaurants with exactly the same menus, usually of the bangers’n'mash, pie,n’peas variety
So its great to see someone doing something different. Ali Bongos (opposite Blue Star Guest House) offers a huge menu of delicious Indian food at very reasonable prices. The decor is very stylish and the service first-rate. The chef conjures delicious tastes and savours and the overall ambience is wonderful. They’ll make each dish as spicy (or not) as you like it. I was pleased to see a full range of vegetarian options as well as the meat dishes. The only problem I had was whittling down my order from so many tempting options - it took me a while to do this but the staff were very patient and helpful. Mind you, I went back the next night to tick a few more off! I wish I’d tried the Wraps but I had to leave the next day.
So while you’re in Kanchanaburi make this a *must visit*, especially if you’re tired of limited Thai menus and English pub grub. Ali Bongos is a real gem - just go, you’ll love it!

Address :

232 Mae Nam Kwai, Tamakan, Kanchanaburi, 71000, Thailand

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