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Explore the stunning ‘UNIVERSE of SIRIVANNAVARI’ Exhibition at Central Embassy from 28 th June – 29 th July, 2019
Published date : July 2,2019

Central Embassy is honoured by Her Royal Highness Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana Rajakanya, who is graciously allowing us to hold her ‘UNIVERSE OF SIRIVANNAVARI’ exhibition. This exhibition gathers together ten of the SIRIVANNAVARI collections, from when it was founded in 2008, to the present day.

The uniqueness of the SIRIVANNAVARI brand is with its beautifully patterned textiles, which are combined with creativity, to fashion stylish attire that are perfect for various occasions. This exhibition is displayed at Level G, Central Embassy, the place where luxury fashion meets urban lifestyle from 28 th June, 2019 to 29 th July, 2019 for the first time in Bangkok.

The ‘UNIVERSE of SIRIVANNAVARI’ is themed with elegance, comprising of a simple structure with hidden, subtle details and a universe of unconventional creativity and ‘Infinite Space’, bringing together stories through the Princess’s paintings, explaining the inspiration behind each collection.

The ten collections include: ‘Presence of The Past’ (2008), ‘Ethnic Rock’ (2009), ’Human DNA’ (2014), ‘Napoleonic’ (2015), ‘Mystical Garden’ (2016), ‘Serenity’ (2017), ‘Horse, Helen, Henri’ (2018), ‘Naravanna’ (2019), ‘S’Homme’ (2019) and a special collection called ‘The Way of Silk, The Way of Thai’ (2015).

Furthermore, inside the exhibition, ‘The World of SIRIVANNAVARI Atelier’ will be presented in visuals reflecting her new and unique perspective on fashion design, as well as the exquisite and fine details in the embroidery of a master craftsperson.

This exhibition has previously been displayed in Paris, then Central Phuket, the global beach lifestyle destination at downtown Phuket, for the first time in Thailand.

See the elegance and style of the ‘UNIVERSE of SIRIVANNAVARI’ exhibition from SIRIVANNAVARI at Level G, Central Embassy, 28 th June – 29 th July, 2019.