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Published date : November 28,2018

CAT in cooperation with ACASIA, to invite 7 ASEAN Countries to join the Tham Luang Cave Memorial Run through the SOFEA Run Application


CAT has joined hands with ACASIA, which is the ASEAN telecom joint venture to organize the "Tham Luang Cave Run", invites all interested Thais and ASEAN citizens from 7 countries to join in the run which will last for 7 days, through the SOFEA Run application. The event is held to commemorate the unity and sacrifices made from the Tham Luang - Khun Nam Nang Non cave incident, as well as, publicize and promote tourism in Thailand. A part of the proceeds from the event will be contributed towards the activities for restoration and development of the Tham Luang National Park.

Dr. Dhanant Subhadrabandhu, Senior Executive Vice President of CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, or CAT, as Board of Directors of ACASIA, revealed that; CAT in cooperation with ACASIA, a major telecom joint venture in seven ASEAN countries, which includes CAT (Thailand), Indosat (Indonesia), PLDT (Philippines), Singtel (Singapore), Telbru (Brunei), TM (Malaysia), and VNPT (Vietnam), has jointly organized the "Tham Luang Cave Run" virtual run. It is intended to be an extensive event for the ASEAN, covering a distance of 10 kms., and will take place simultaneously in 7 countries in support of the “Tham Luang Cave Run” project. The event is scheduled for the dates between 7-15 December, 2018, and is aimed to commemorate the historic events of the global cooperation in helping the 13 “Wild Boar” Academy football team at the Tham Luang cave in Chiang Rai, which reflects the mutual cooperation of the multinational people from the various ethnic groups.
From the enormous energy displayed, comes hope, faith, sacrifice, teamwork, and leadership. Simultaneously, the event will help to also publicize the Tham Luang - Khun Nam Nang Non Forest Park, and promote Thai tourism. Part of the proceeds will be used to provide equipment and tools for the renovation, and development activities of the Tham Luang –Khun Nam Nang Non Forest Park. It is also to jointly promote the run-for-health for all of the people in ASEAN.
"Tham Luang Cave Run" is expected to attract more than 10,000 runners from across the ASEAN region, including executives and employees of all ACASIA telecom operators in seven countries and other interested runners. The “Tham Luang Cave Run” virtual run will utilize the SOFEA Run application to record data during the 7-day event, from 7-15 December, 2018.
"Using the running app to record the run is an interesting trend today. It makes the run more fun and challenging, and should be able to build a community of runners, and attract more new runners. It is also expected to promote more virtual runs, such as the "Tham Luang Cave Run", which provides the participants the opportunity to participate in running events without the restrictions on location and time, thus many more people can run in campaigns from anywhere and at any time. The runners would just need to activate the application, and report the results via the online platform. By submitting the full run report, all runners will receive a Finisher medallion and a Finisher T-shirt, which will be sent to the participants once the event has been completed". Dr. Dhanant said.
Mr. Satya Riayatsyah B. Syafruddin , Chief Executive Officer, revealed that “ACASIA Communications is an ASEAN organisation that serves the interest of ASEAN community. We were built by the people of ASEAN for the ASEAN people. As part of our pursuit to be the enabler of ASEAN digital lifestyle, we have developed a virtual run application called SOFEA Run.

SOFEA Run is created with healthy lifestyle in mind and infusing it with celebrating ASEAN icons (people, places or practices) as well as charitable causes. We believe in the power of giving and we would like runners across ASEAN to be part of this charitable movement.


The Tham Luang cave incident was a depiction of hope and faith in the ASEAN people, a reflection of helpfulness in the ASEAN culture and a symbol of solidarity amongst the ASEAN nations. In celebrating ASEAN solidarity in the efforts of aiding The Wild Boar Boys, CAT and the rest of ACASIA’s affiliates brings you the Tham Luang Cave Run – a 10 KM virtual running event to be completed between 7th to 15th December 2018.


It is our hope that we, the ASEAN community, could come together and make this ASEAN region greater. I believe in the potential of our ASEAN people and that is entirely up to us to steer ASEAN to the next level.”

SOFEA Run is an application as a platform for running data logging. It is designed for personal use, as well as, organizing running events, especially the Virtual Run module, which has an easy-to-use platform with full functionalities. It can keep track of run statistics, connect to social networks, and other running apps. In addition, it also can provide information on running events, connect to payment and donation channels, provide information on the number of calories burned. For the “Tham Luang Cave Run” event, participants will be able to enjoy with activities on social channels, such as Facebook, to win prizes.
Interested parties can participate as part of the Tham Luang Cave Run event by registering via the SOFEA Run application, from 15th November – 6th December, 2018. The application is available for download for both iOS and Andriod phones. More information can be found on Facebook on the CATTELECOMPCL and ThaiRun page.