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Awakening Bangkok
Published date : November 16,2018

Awakening Bangkok, a district-wide light exhibition kicks off this month (on Nov 16, to be precise), illuminating various historic locations in the Charoenkrung neighborhood using cutting-edge laser displays, the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

Initiated by Time Out Bangkok, the project is made possible with the support of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Creative Economy Agency, OPPO, Jameson, Ricoh, as well as numerous young creative masterminds—all with an aim of bringing cool to one of Bangkok’s oldest surviving quarters.

Stroll down the streets to witness extravagant lighting installations as well as talking interactive showcases and holograms at some of the district’s most iconic but also lesser-known landmarks, including:

Warehouse 30
Grand Postal Building
Prince Theater Heritage Stay Hotel
Swan Hotel
O.P. Place
O.P. Garden
Haroon Mosque Community 
Some of the highlights include Antenna of Letter, an interactive installation by creative studio Living Spirits; 112 Red & Yellow Tubes, one of visual artist Liam Morgan’s kinetic light works from his Ngan Wat series; and The Crown Pavilion, a pixel art showcase by art collective Conscious x Kimbab.

Awakening Bangkok: A Festival of Lights will light up Charoenkrung every night from 16 to 25 November, from 18:00 until 23:00. For more information and updated details, visit timeout.com/bangkok and facebook.com/timeoutbangkok