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TAT Phang Nga Extra Season Campaign
Published date : May 12,2014
Welcomes Extra Season with great campaign in an affordable price.

Phang Nga Welcomes Extra Season with great campaign in an affordable price!

Summer has just passed by with sea, sun, sand, clean and clear water. Tourism entrepreneurs in PhangNgahave joined hands in offering rooms with special rates to show that it is an all year round destination. This special campaign starting from May 1st– October 31st, 2014.  “Top Place Best Deal” offers 4 different categories.

  • Explore Living Bht 999.-  
  • Exotic Living Bht 1,399.-
  • Excellence Living Bht 1,999.-
  • Exclusive Living Bht 2,199.-

Apart from this special offer, PhangNgawelcomes you to explore an ancient forest “Little Amazon” with a panoramic view of ancient forest to discover the different types of birds and animals. This landscape looks like Amazon River in South America, so it’s called “Little Amazon”. You can also visit KohKho khaoto see the smallest lotus in the world, do bamboo rafting in KlongLamru, appreciate the beauty of sunset at KhaoLak, see beautiful scenery at PhangNgaBay, and experience community-based tourism in KohYao with several tourism awards domestically and internationally. PhangNgahas a lot more wonders which can not be all described. Imagination may not be enough!! Call for reservation, pack your bag  and experience PhangNgain extra season with best offers are right just in your hand. For more information, please visit  www.facebook.com/tatphangnga,  www.facebook.com/wonderfulphangnga   

or  contact : TAT PhangNgaOffice at tel.  0 7648 1900 to 2.