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TAT Launches Miracle Thailand Song to Promote Tourism
Published date : October 18,2012

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) launches Miracle Thailand Song to promote Thai tourism to foreigners and locals, aims to boost hospitality awareness and further build the country as a regional travel hub.



Miracle Thailand Song is part of TAT’s music marketing strategies, created to build tourism industry during a period of a national campaign Miracle Year of Amazing Thailand 2012.

Art Thomya, the lead singer of Sing Out Asia Band joins hands with famous Thai artists and musicians; Sarun Wongnoi (Mc), Seksun Panprateep (Oh) and Somart Bunyaratavej (Bob) to produce Thai and English songs in four different versions.

Pensuda Prai-aram, Chairman of the Board of Directors TAT says the agency introduces Miracle Year of Amazing Thailand 2012 to encourage foreign tourists to visit the kingdom and also pushes up domestic travel. She says Miracle Thailand Song is created in Ukulele and Ballad versions for both of Thai and English language. The song is telling happiness journey that tourist able to enjoy and experience many unique Thai products and interesting attractions. “Miracle Thailand Song will be launched in overseas to promote our tourism through TAT’s music marketing,” said Pensuda.

Aside from singer Art Thomya, some artists and musicians have been invited to join the project included Sarun Wongnoi (Mc) of Acappella7 who produced songs for Jennifer Kim, ETC, Thongchai Mcintyre and Lydia-Peerapat. There are also famous singer Seksun Panprateep (Oh) and Somart Bunyaratavej (Bob), ex-bass guitarist of Modern Dog Band.

Art Thomya says he took months in a studio to prepare lyrics and melody before shot series of music video at places to complete the song. He hopes that the song will help promote Thai tourism and also prepare tourism strength to cope with the opening of ASEAN Economic Community or AEC in 2015. He says Sing Out Asia plans to hold a regional concert in Thailand on October19, 2012. The Miracle Thailand Song will be part of the concert.

Art Thomya keens and performs in multi-languages includes Japanese and Chinese. He won music contests at Chulalongkorn University and University of London. He was selected to sing a song for TV series and used be part of producers for a 120-year Thai-Japan relationship celebration. Moreover, he was one of key actors at River of the King Performance and recently joint writing Miracle Thailand pocketbook.

Somart Bunyaratavej (Bob) has been joining with Art Thomya, producing songs and performing concerts for long time. Somart loves to travel so he expects the song will help boost local tourist number and prop up Thai tourism in overseas.

Miracle Thailand Song is created and produced by Lovestyle Happy who earlier launched Miracle Thailand pocketbook, written by 11 travel journalists. The bi-lingual travel handy book received appreciation remarks from Prime Minister Yingluck Shinnawatra.



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