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The 31st Asian Cycling Championships & The 18th Asian Junior Cycling Championships 9-19 February 2011
Published date : February 7,2011

1. Introduction

This document summarizes the information needed by National Federations for participating the 31st Asian Cycling Championships And the 18th Asian Junior Cycling Championships 2011


2. Rules

The 31st Asian Cycling Championships And the 18th Asian Junior Cycling Championships 2011 will be conduct in accordance with the latest Rules and Regulations of the International Cycling Union (UCI) and the Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC). In case of  disagreement in the translation of the rules, the English text shall prevail. Any unforeseen cases not covered in the regulation shall be dealt with accordingly: General issues: Resolved in accordance with UCI and ACC Constitution, The UCI penalty scale is the only one applicable.

3. Participation

As per UCI Regulations 10.1.005, all National Federations affiliated to the Asian Cycling Confederation can take part in The 31st Asian Cycling Championships And the 18th Asian Junior Cycling Championships 2011

10.1.005 All National Federations affiliated to their Continental Association, and only these, can take part in Continental Championships races. The maximum number of riders taking part in the various races will be the same for all these Federations.. 10.1.006 A rider against whom an investigation was opened in relation to a fact which may cause a breach of UCI Anti-Doping Rules, will not be eligible for the Continental Championships and is not authorized to participate to the Continental Championships until the end of the suspension or until the end of the suspension or until his definitive acquittal. In the event of a positive A Sample, this clause applies starting from the notification of the abnormal analysis result to the rider. Unless otherwise decided by the anti-doping commission, the above paragraph is also applicable in the event of an investigation or a procedure regarding sucj a fact, opened in pursuance of a law or other regulation. Specific cases are examined by the anti-doping commission or its president. Their decision is without appea l.

In addition to the disqualification, the licensee and his or her National Federation will be respectively sanctioned by a fine of CHF 2000 to CHF 10000 The present condition for participation, aims to protect the integrity, serenity and reputation of the Championships. Its application does not prejudge the decision whether an anti-doping violation has occurred and shall not give right to any claim in the events of acquittal.


4. Age of Competitors :

Participation in Elite Categories shall be open to riders of 19 and over Junior Categories shall be open to riders born in 1993 . 1994 (18 and 17 years old)


5. Registration Procedure:

All National Federations shall return their entry form by number before 8th December 2010 and entry form by name before 8th January 2011 either by email, fax or post to Thai Cycling Association., 286 Velodrome Huamark Ramkhamhaeng Road Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240 . Phone Number: +6627193341, Fax: +6627193343, Email Address:  asianchampionships2011@yahoo.com The maximum participation shall be:


Outgoing continental Champions may be entered in addition to the number of participants entitled in individual events, except Points Race and Scratch events


6. Meeting:
The Team Manager Meeting shall take place as below

TRACK: Meeting Room in Sima Thani Hotel 
           8 February 2011 (Time to be Confirmed)
ROAD: Meeting Room in Sima Thani Hotel 
          15 February 2011 (Time to be Confirmed)
The confirmation of the starters and distribution of race number for all events will take place as below:
TRACK : Meeting Room in Sima Thani Hotel 
            8 February 2011 (Time to be Confirmed)
ROAD : Meeting Room in Sima Thani Hotel 
           15 February 2011 (Time to be Confirmed)

Managers are reminded to bring with them licenses (GREEN in 2011) of Team Managers, riders, passport for junior riders and their team uniform when confirming their starters.
Riders number and frame numbers will be issued to Team Managers upon confirmation of starters. For each race, Teams may notify modifications to the Secretary of the Colleague of Commissaires in the Commissaire Room located at the permanence at Sima Thani Hotel until noon (12.00 hrs) on the day before each race at the latest.
Unless due to force of majeure, a rider once announced as taking the start and who fail to present, shall be liable to a fine of 500 CHF to 5000 CHF. Injuries or illness will not be accepted as a valid circumstance unless the rider is declared unfir to start by the official doctor.

7. Team Representation

Each National Federation shall designate a Team Manager for each team(i.e. Elite Men, Elite Women, Junior en, Junior Women) with which it participates in the championships. The Team Manager shall represent the team and the National Federation. Any contact with teams shall be made through the Team Manager.


8. Equipment

Equipment used in cycling competitions MUST comply with Chapter 3 of Part I of UCI rules and regulation. All participants shall ensure that his or her equipment(bicycle with accessories and other devices fitted, eadgear, clothing, etc) does not by virtue of its quality, material or design, constitute any danger to himself or o others. All equipments shall be checked by the commissaire before each event.


9. Technical Information
- The King’s 80th Birth Day Anniversary Velofrome 
          - 333.33 Meters covered concrete track 
          - Width 7 meter 
          - Bend 35 Degree 
          - Straight 8 Degree

Track Events

If riders wearing the same team clothing ride in the same race, they shall bear some item to distinguish between them.

Riders may carry no object on them or on their bicycles that could drop onto the track. They may not carry or use on the track any music player or radio communication system including mobile phone. Road bikes are not allowed on the track including the apron.


Road Events

Gear Ratios

Article 2.2.023 For Junior men and Junior women, the maximum gear ratio authorized is that which gives DISTANCE cover per pedal revolution of 7.93 meters.

Gear ratio of bicycles for juniors will be controlled before the races start, and at random after the races finish.


In-race communications
During the following races:
- world championships
- men elite, class 2 events and events on the national calendar
- women elite, class 2 events and events on the national calendar
- men under 23- juniors men
- juniors women,
the use of radio links or other means of remote communication with the riders is not permitted.
For safety reasons and to provide support for riders, a secure communication and information system (the ≪earpiece≫) may be used in men and women elite events under the following conditions:
- the power of the transceiver may not exceed 5 watts;
- the range of the system shall be limited to the space occupied by the race;
- its use is limited to exchanges between riders and the team manager and between riders of a same team.
The use of such a system is subject to any relevant legal provisions and to thoughtful and reasonable use with respect for ethics and the rider’s freedom of decision.
The use of any other system is subject to prior authorisation from the equipment unit of the UCI in accordance with article 1.3.004.

Please note that riders are forbidden to use a mobile telephone while riding a race.
Frequency of radio tour will be announced during the Manager Meeting

Race Clothing

Riders of the same national team must wear indentical racing shorts during the same event, except for dvertising space included in a lateral band 9 cm wide, which may differ from one rider to another. This eans that National Federations must also provide their riders with national racing shorts. Team Managers must herefore present tha national apparel to the College of Commissaire at the confirmation of the starters.

1.3.056 National federations shall submit to the commissaires’ panel of events as specified in art. 1.3.059, a sample of their national team clothing for validation. The design, color, place and size of the advertising spaces of the validated equipment must be identical for all athletes participating to the applicable events.

1.3.057The following advertising shall be authorised:
- front of the jersey: 2 logos of 64 cm2 maximum;
- area comprising shoulders and sleeves: strip of maximum 5 cm high;
- on the sides of the jersey: a 9 cm wide strip;
- sides of the shorts: a 9 cm wide strip;
- the manufacturer's label (25 cm2) may appear once only on the jersey and once on each leg of the shorts.
Advertising matter on jersey and shorts may vary from one rider to another.
The design of the jersey and shorts may vary from one category of rider to another.
Advertising on protective leggings worn for downhill mountain bike, trials and BMX events is not subject to the advertising restrictions on shorts.
Additionally, the rider's name may appear on the back of the jersey.
The above measures also apply to other items of clothing worn during competition (rain jackets, etc.).
UCI Track World Cup ‘Classics’ Leaders skin suit
The UCI shall award a World Cup leader’s jersey for the first rider in the final general classification of each event. Except where article 1.3.055bis, point 6, applies, the World Cup leader shall wear his jersey in all track races in the category of which he is the leader and no other race.

REMARK: During award ceremonies, the national jersey will be authorized to be worn above the UCI Track World Cup ‘Classic’ leader skin suit.

10. Official Ceremony

In accordance with the order set in the programme published by the organizer, The Asian Champion, the second and the third placed riders shall be ready for the official ceremony that shall be conducted under the responsibility of the Chief Commissaire.

The following arrangement shall be apply to the official ceremonies: Within 10 minutes following the end of each race(unless otherwise provided and duly recorded in an official communique), the Asian Champions, the second and the third placed riders shall be ready for the official ceremony that shall be conducted under the responsibility of the Chief Commissaire.

Riders shall appear in racing attire, wearing their national jerseys but bare-headed and without headband, sunglasses and also unnecessary item, until they leave the official ceremony enclosure.
Any infringement of the provisions of article 9.1.044 to 9.1.050 above shall be fine of CHF 2,000 to CHF 10,000. . Minimum. A higher fine may be imposed depending on the advantage derived from the offence.
Federations are required to bring 2 pieces of National Flag measured 1 m x 2 m (3 feet x 6 feet) and a National anthem CD handover to the organizer upon their arrival.

11. Anti-Doping Control

Anti-Doping Control during the Asian Cycling Championships will be conducted under the UCI Anti-Doping Regulations. UCI will appoint the Doping Control Officer(s) or DCO and TCA will appoint the Doping Control octor, nurses and Chaperons. The Doping Control Station for Road and Track Events is located at the King’s   0 Birthday Anniversary Velodrome.


12. Vehicles

Only ONE vehicle will be provided to each National Federation for using during the road race only. The organizer will provide the shuttle buses from the official hotel to the races’ venues in hourly basis(the shuttle bus schedule will be announce to all teams concern upon arrival)

13. Insurance

All participants(include but not limited to team officials, riders and their assistants) are aware that they bear their own responsibility for any injury, accident and/or lost that may occur during their stay in Thailand while taking part in this championships. Participants should take up a properly insurance before leaving their country in order to protect themselves against any lost and to indemnify themselves against any claims.

Other General Information
Climate -
. The temperature varies between High 30 - 34 Celsius and Low 22 . 26 Celsius in February
Time Difference - GMT +7
Currency - 1 US Dollar = 30 Thai Baht(Estimated)
Nearest Airport . SuvarnabhumiInternational Airport - Bangkok
- 220 Volt, with 2 pins plug
VISA Information - Please check with the Royal Thai Embassy in your country for VISA requirements. If you need an official invitation letter for VISA Application from the organizer, please contact Thai Cycling Association
Official Hotel : Sima Thani Hotel
Transportation & Accommodation :
The Organizer shall provide transportation for the participating team from SuvarnabhumiAirport to Nakhon Ratchasima and from Nakhon Ratchasima to SuvarnabhumiAirport as well as the shuttle bus from official hotel to the race venues.
The participating team responsible for the expenses of accommodation and meals for their team members 60 US Dollars per day per person(on double basis). If any team require single room, the federation MUST inform the organizer before the team arrival. And the expenses for single room is 80 US Dollars per day per person.