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Thailand Fully Prepared with Tsunami Warning System
Published date : December 30,2010

Thailand Fully Prepared with Tsunami Warning System

There have been reports of some tourists being reluctant to visit Thai provinces along the Andaman Sea coast, including Phuket, Phang-Na and Krabi, due to fortune tellers speculating that a major earthquake will take place around the end of December, triggering a tsunami.  An earthquake is a random natural phenomenon that the global scientific community agrees can only be predicted in advance at short notice. 
Following the tsunami of 26 December 2004, the government of Thailand established the National Disaster Warning Center  http://www.ndwc.go.th/home/   The Center has initiated many measures including monitoring systems in the Andaman Sea, installing tsunami direct detection units, a tsunami warning alarm system, evacuation plans and routes, and periodic drills for communities located on the Andaman Sea coast.  Thailand is very well prepared to protect visitors and residents in the unlikely event that another tsunami occurs.
However, up to now the advance bookings for accommodations in the provinces along Thailand's Andaman Sea coast remain solid, with year-end international tourist arrivals expected to reach anticipated levels.