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Reearth festival Koh Samui 2011
Published date : February 22,2011

Reearth Koh Samui 2011 an unforgettable event the likes of which Koh Samui
has never experienced before. The Reearth festival wants to increase the awareness
and promote a better understanding that environmental conservation can be
undertaken hand-in-hand with travel.

Together with our partners and TAT Samui the Reearth festival is setting
a new standard in sustainable tourism.

The two day music festival presenting some of Europe’s and Asia’s hottest
live acts and deejays.Both days of the event will start with daytime activities
in the beach area accompanied by chilled out sets played by our deejays.  
Each evening will then culminate in two live acts performing
and then the deejays will take over again to keep the crowds moving until the sun rises.

Join the Reearth festival if you would like to make a difference
and give something back to the environment!

One small step can lead to big change!


Andreas Wadström

Partner & Founder


Olof Palmes Gata 20b | SE-111 37 Stockholm | Sweden

Tel +46 707 60 60 30 | www.reearth.com |andreas@reearth.com