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JK Racing Asia Series Race 7-10
Published date : August 31,2011
Sentul International Circuit, Indonesia

Thai Tourism Ambassador – Pasin Lathouras finished 10th race in Sentul



There are race meetings you want to forget and race meetings you will remember forever. Pasin will always remember his first drive in Indonesia at the Sentul Circuit.Not because he won a race, but because something rather extraordinary happened to him. He had to avoid a big lizard crossing the track!


There was no lack of pretty ladies in the pits but otherwise on the track it was rather a meeting to forget. A crash in the fourth race brought the safety car during several laps and in the morning it was a general power failure (not the fault of the Sentul track or of Afos) which interrupted the race after only a few laps. When the power came back there was no race as the failure had disrupted the timing system and the cars had to follow the safety car in procession until the race was finally red-flagged after it passed the 75% distance minimum.


A slow car in the time trials relegated Pasin to the bottom of the grid. He avoided getting involved in the crashes of the first and fourth races to finish respectively 8th, 9th, 10th (in the non-race) and 8th. The lizard incident will definitely leave the strongest imprint on his memory.