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JK Racing Asia Series Race 1 & 2
Published date : April 26,2011
Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia

JK Racing Asia Series Race 1 & 2
Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia
8 - 10 April 2011

Thai Tourism Ambassador – Pasin Lathouras finished first race in Sepang
Sepang (April 8 – 10, 2011) : Eurasia Motorsport driver and Thai Tourism Ambassador – Pasin Lathouras finished Race 1 & 2 in JK Racing Asia Series at Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia.
As the weekend started, the weather forecast looked promising: Rain!. Earlier this year, in practice, Pasin had shown that in raining condition he was fast, very fast. We have high hopes for the weekend.
The rain failed to materialize, yet it was a very good, very positive weekend.
On Thursday April 7, the mechanics were very busy installing the new engines. Unpack, assemble, check, run-in, measure…Having the big boys of F1 around added to the sense of excitement everyone felt..The car had to be ready..
Came Friday morning, the cars were ready. The Sepang circuit was abuzz with mechanics. The 2011 JK Racing Asia Series was about to begin.
This Friday morning, the drivers had only one session to tune their cars. The JK Racing Asia Series inaugural race was being held in support of the Malaysian F1 Grand Pix, so the event was limited to: one practice session, one qualifying session and two races, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. You had to make the most of the time you had on the track.
The practice session was uneventful. Pasin complained he felt a bit out of pace and he seemed to be a bit slow coming out of corners. Telemetry was showing he was breaking exactly where he had to. The mechanics went back to work.
Friday afternoon. Qualifying session. Pasin did well with the first set of tires, but he could not improve his time during the second set of tires, still he had been fast enough to get 11th place, and he had been consistent enough that is second best time was putting him on the 10th place for the start of the second race. It was not bad, yet not entirely satisfying. The good news was that the car was apparently improving, and we were looking forward to the first race, on Saturday.
Sepang, Saturday morning. It’s already very hot. Pasin is sitting on the sixth line of the grid, on the right side, the clean side. The race starts. Pasin takes off very well. Overtakes 1, 2, 3, 4 cars.. First turn, to the right. Late breaking, it’s tight and the cars are very close to each other. Fortunately, no crash, and he keeps the 7th place. Left, right. The race is on ..Lap 1.. The car is better than before, but still not perfect. The competitor behind Pasin is starting to close on him, mostly in the 2 long straights of the circuit. The other one is too fast, Pasin is now 8th and the car in front of him pull away. .. Lap 6 .. The car feels better and better. Pasin is now closing in on the 7th place held by his team-mate, Natasha Seatters. The other car is now very
close. On his back, the car in 9th has taken advantage of the fight to close in. The battle is fierce. Chequered flag. The race is over, Pasin 8th, a gain of 3 places. Good result and the car now feels perfect.
Sunday. There are dark clouds in the sky, but they all seem to avoid the track. Pasin is on the dirty side this time, fifth row. Once more Pasin has a very good start. He overtakes a few cars and he is soon fighting for 6th place. On the second lap, turn two, the car in front closes the door and Pasin cannot avoid him. To the dismay of the whole team, he is given a drive-through penalty. It’s harsh, very harsh. His race is ruined. He still manages to finish 16th with a damaged front wing.
In spite of this, it was a good weekend. The team did a great job and the car now feels fantastic. The next race should be really interesting.

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