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“Paradise Park” Celebrates the Chinese New Year
Published date : February 2,2011
In “Paradise Park Chinese New Year” Importing the best and authentic acrobatic show from Hunan province, China On 3rd – 6th February, 2011

“Paradise Park”, the greatest shopping paradise in Eastern Bangkok, together with Muang Thai Insurance and Isuzu is gorgeously celebrating the fortune festival on the Chinese New Year to deliver happiness, blesses, and luck to the Chinese-Thais by organizing “Paradise Park Chinese New Year” importing the gold-medal “Puyang Acrobatic Show” from Hunan province, China for the viewers to witness for free! The celebration will also include 5 roads of Chinese heritage that has been created on every floor in Paradise Park, Srinakarin Rd. on 3rd – 6th February, 2011.


In this occasion, Mrs. Chadatip Chutrakul, Vice President of Paradise Park Co., Ltd., guaranteed that “This celebration will definitely be extraordinary and amazing as Paradise Park has imported the world-renown gold-medal acrobatic show, Puyang, from Hunan province which has 150 years of history behind them. The group has been guaranteed with more than 200 awards both in country and international levels. Each show has been well selected to ensure the excitement, beauty, and charm with amazing lights and sounds for the viewers to witness for free at Paradise Park Shopping Mall in order to say thank you and celebrate the Chinese New Year… Sin Jia You I Sinnii Wat Chai… to all the Chinese-Thais”.


In addition, the shoppers will also experience 5 roads of Chinese heritage such as “The Rejoice Road of Swan & Dragon” (ถนนมังกรหรรษา) with the acrobatic show beyond imagination imported directly from China by “Puyang Acrobatic Show” fromHunan province that has impressed viewers around the world with its extraordinary shows such as Mai Thong Fah Maha Sanook(ไหมทองฟ้ามหาสนุก) with the performing of a group turnaround, summersault, and jump rope which require accuracy, harmony, and teamwork of the performers, Aporn Darunee(อาภรณ์ดรุณี) with the beauty of female performers dressed in colorful costumes performing a beautiful and delicate dance mixed with acrobatic show that requires body balancing against the gravity, Yod Manus Mud Huang (ยอดมนุษย์มุดห่วง) that is stunning, amazing and terrifying with the skills of the performers in jumping through high hoops plus a stunning pyramid of acrobat, Mala Maha Sanook (มาลามหาสนุก) the showthat is full of colors and funs from the performers with acrobatic dancing and quick hat swapping within the blink of an eye. Finally, the viewers will also witness the embellishment of the show “Krob Krua Singharatch Amnuay Porn Trud Jin” (ครอบครัวสิงหราชอำนวยพรตรุษจีน)that the performers and the Chinese lion parade performing an acrobatic pyramid with amazing lights and sounds as a good wish and good fortune for the Chinese New Year. Furthermore, there will also be a Chinese youth singing contest and the performance of youth Ku Jerng music. Can’t miss the top-class acrobatic show from Puyang  for free on 3rd – 6th February, 2011 at 17.00 hr. and 19.30 hr., floor 1, Royal Park Plaza.


Additionally, on every floor of Paradise Park is decorated in Chinese style for the customers to celebrate the great festival such as authentic Chinese cuisine on “Thanon Samrub Mangkorn Ocharos” (ถนนสำรับมังกรโอชารส) in the G floor Food Bazaar area and the 3rd floor dining paradise that puts together the Emperor’s recipes followed by the beauty of Chinese culture heritage on  “Thanon Sai Silpa Pun Mangkorn”(ถนนสายศิลปะพันธ์มังกร)on the 1st floor, which combines Chinese famous art and cultural shops such as Chinese bookstore, gallery, photo studio with ancient Chinese costumes provided, Chinese silk shirts, Mungming ancient Chinese facial wax and, most importantly, the show of paper cutting and emerald carving imported directly from China. “Thanon Sai Yuen Tin Tan Baan Mangkorn” (ถนนสายเยือนถิ่นฐานบ้านมังกร)on the 2nd floor introduces unseen travel destinations in China with special package from the airlines and travel companies. Finally, “Thanon Sai Sirimongkol”(ถนนสายศิริมงคล)on the 3rd floor, “The Promenade”, offering fortune products including fortune signs, lamps, Fang Xu supporting items, and fortune diamond pinwheel to eliminate unfavorable conditions and dangers.


Experience the heritage of Chinese culture in the celebration of the fortune season in “Paradise Park Chinese New Year” on 3rd – 6th February, 2011 at Paradise Park Shopping Mall, Srinakarin Rd. For more information, please call 0-2787-1000 or visitwww.paradisepark.co.th


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