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Name : Nuthanant Jinnovart

Address : 11 Nakorn-in Road Talad Kwan Muang Nonthaburi

Telephone : +6628882888 ext 200

License no. : 0125549006587

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Category : Medical Tourism

With luxurious design and skillful surgeon make Lelux Hospital become one of the leading plastic surgery hospital in Thailand. Our luxurious design palace-like hospital will make you feel relax and calm, you will not feel like you are in the hospital. Lelux Hospital is located in the heart of Nonthaburi, where you can travel conveniently either by car or sky train. You will experience high-class service and luxury recovery room under 24-hours supervision of doctors and nurses, because we believe that every customer at Lelux Hospital is our VIP customer. Plastic surgery is not just any surgery, safeness and hygienic environment should be considered as the first priority. Surgery should be done only in a hospital where the facilities are with high standard and quality. At Lelux Hospital, we provide you with full facilities suitable especially for each surgery because we are one of the first plastic surgery hospital in Thailand. Our mission is to fulfill what each patient need along with safeness and valuable price. Before any surgery, the patient will have to do body checkup, blood test and x-ray to make sure that the patient is in the best health condition for the patient safety. Furthermore, all the operation at our hospital will be conducted by a specialist surgeon certified by the board of “Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Thailand” and “International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery”. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about if you choose Lelux Hospital when you are coming to Thailand.

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