The Naga fireballs, Nong Khai

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Be amazed by various colors of mysterious fireballs abruptly soaring up from the water high into the air. Read more

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Be amazed by various colors of mysterious fireballs abruptly soaring up from the water high into the air.

This phenomenon is an experience that is worth seeing with your own eyes. According to the folk story, the fireballs are believed to come from a Naga, the mythical serpent that rules the underwater world, showing his respect to the Buddha when the Lord descended from Tavatimsa (the second heaven where Indra dwells).

It is a scientifically inexplicable phenomenon in which glowing reddish fireballs appear about 1- 30 meters above the Mekong River and rise up quickly 50-150 meters high in the air. They radiate for only around 5-10 seconds before disappearing, unlike typical fireworks that fall in a curved path. These smokeless, soundless, and odorless fireballs have diverse sizes from thumb-size sparklers to as big as an egg. They are often reported to be seen from the dusk until midnight of the end of Buddhist Lent. This phenomenon is known as Naga fireballs.

The locals at Phon Phisai district believe that the area they live in is called Pattalung, the gateway to the subterranean world under the water. The mythological belief about Naga fireballs dates back more than 2,000 years on the last night of Buddhist Lent. When the Buddha descended from the celestial Tavatimsa heaven back to the human world after giving a sermon to his mother for three months all mortals and deities were greatly delighted and celebrated his return. Naga, the ruler of underwater world, thus produced rocketing fireballs to show his great faith in the Buddha.

Do not miss such an amazing opportunity to observe how miraculous and dazzling this phenomenon is.