Tarutao Island National Park

Despite its small size, Koh Kai is on the top rank of beautiful and famous islands in the Satun archipelago. Tourists can take a look around to admire how charming the shore is. Particularly, on the western side where white sandy beaches can be found. Read more

Tarutao Island is the biggest in Tarutao National Park it is very beautiful with clear seas and natural views. Read more

Even though Koh Hin Ngarm is not a big island, it is still worth visiting. This island is the most beautiful in the Stul Sea, although it does not have a beach but only black shiny rocks that are piled up together to form an island.Koh Hin Ngarm is one of the islands in Tarutao National Park, the first sea national park in Thailand situated in the Andaman Sea. Read more

Thale-ban national park is named after a vast freshwater swamp. The word Thale-ban is thought to be derived from Loet Roeban in Malay, which refers to a geographical phenomenon called ‘a subsiding sea’ or the subsidence of earth. In the past, this area was a fertile land, until an earthquake caused a huge deep basin. Later water blockage resulted in this massive swamp. Read more

Tarutao Island National Park: the Purity of the Sea

Tarutao Island is the biggest in Tarutao National Park it is very beautiful with clear seas and natural views. Tarutao Island is abundant in nature with numerous kinds of fish and also endangered sea turtles. If you have a chance to visit, you will be touched by the relaxing atmosphere of beautiful nature.

The most spectacular point in Thailand to see the sunset is at Phante Bay. It is where Tarutao National Park Office and Tourist Service Center are located. About five kilometers from here is a peaceful inlet call Mo Bay. There are plentiful coconut trees around the bay. Beachside bungalows are available so you can take in the atmosphere of the sea. For people who love waking up early in the morning, we recommend you to go to Talo Wao Bay where you can see a spectacular sunrise. That feeling will give more energy to our lives. In the late morning, you can go to Ludu Waterfall and walk a trail ideal for all lovers of nature.

At about 40 kilometers from Tarutao Island, Lipe Island is one of the islands that you should not miss. There is a community of fishermen, corals around the island, an attractive bay, and white clear beaches with resorts for all tourists.Not far from Lipe Island, is the small isle of Hin Ngam Island. There are numerous rocks which are round, black, and shiny. There is a sign saying there is a curse on anyone taking away the stones from the island.Tarutao National Park provides boats with tour guides for traveling around the island. The one-day program includes diving, visiting beaches and mangrove forest. You can ask for more information at the Tourist Service Center on the island.