Surin Islands National Park

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Surin Islands National Park is one of the marine national parks of Thailand. Read more

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Surin Islands National Park

Surin Islands National Park is one of the marine national parks of Thailand. Surin Islands National Park included five islands, which are Surin Nuea, Surin Tai, Kai (Torrinla Island), Klang (Pachumba), and Ri (Satok Island). The most important and largest islands are Surin Nuea Island and Surin Tai Island. The Protection of National Park provide resorts, the facility is located at Surin Nuea Island. The shallow corals at this national park are various and stunning offering a perfect place to experience snorkeling. As well as the marine attractions, the park is covered with 141.25 square kilometers of rich forests.

Travelling around the area of Surin Islands National Parks can be separated into four choices.

The first choice is experiencing how beautiful and natural the islands are. Tourists can walk from the Protection of National Park to Mai Ngam Beach. This is a good choice for tourists who love camping.

The second choice is snorkeling around large shallow corals at Mae Yai Bay, Chong Kad Bay, Suthep Bay, Pak Kad Bay, Torrinla Island, and Pachumba Island. Surin Island National Park offers long-tailed boats for tourists to go snorkeling. These can be found at Bon Bay.

The third choice is visiting the Mokan local community of fishermen at Sai En Bay and Bon Bay. The Moken people emigrated from Myanmar before these islands became a national park. Formerly, they lived on boats around Chong Kad Bay.

The last choice is diving around Richelieu rock where tourists can see numerous species of fish and corals. The most thrilling thing is the chance to see big whale sharks.

How to get there

Catch a boat at Kuraburi Pier. If leaving from at Ranong Province, take route no. 4. The pier can be found before Kuraburi District. About nine kilometers at 721km, turn right for about two kilometers. Then, take a boat (various kinds of boat available). It is about 1.5-2 hours costing 1500 baht for the round trip. At the island, there are resorts, tents, and restaurants around Chong Kad Bay. At Mai Ngam Bay, there are just tents available. For more information, please contact Surin Islands National Park, Kuraburi District, Phang Nga Province, 82150 or call: 0 7647 2145, 0 7647 2146 or 0 7649 1378