Wine Cellar
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10.00 - 20.00

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Monday - Sunday


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90 Fifty-fifth Plaza, Sukhumvit 55 Rd.,


+66 2 381 0699


+66 2 714 9823

A fine range of wines to suit every taste
Quite often, the kind of wine you want just isn’t a vailable at supermarkets here. The best wines are invariably found at good restaurants and hotels for a fairly hefty price as well! So we figured why not start a wine shop….a place where customers could comfortably take their time, browse and purchase quality wines without a premium price tag attached.
As you step into the Wine Cellar, you’ll notice that it somewhat resembles, well, a wine cellar. Minus the cobwebs and the dankness, musty smells often associated with traditional cellars, of course!
Rather, the atmosphere is congenial and definitely conducive for browsing amongst the bottles and bottles of wines from around the world.
Take as long as you want to choose your preference ( without someone hovering over your shoulder, pressuring you to buy). Should you need a hand in selecting the right wine, we’ll be glad to help.

Address :

90 Fifty-fifth Plaza, Sukhumvit 55 Rd.,

How to get there :

10 minutes walk from Thonglo Station


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