Prima Gold
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10.00 - 22.00

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Monday - Sunday


Visa, MarterCard, Diners Club cards


Emporium Shopping Complex, 2 Floor


+66 2 745 6111


+66 2 745 6117

Prima Gold strengthened its leading status as the Asia Pacific Region jewelry brand by the most advanced and sophisticated gold production technology and highly skilled goldsmiths to ensure exquisite gold jewelry design and the uniform purity of 99.9% of every jewelry piece.
Today, Prima Gold is rapidly growing in Thailand and through international franchise with outlets in leading shopping complexes and department stores throughout Asia , Middle East , North America , and Europe .
The key factors behind Prima Gold’s continuous success are:
- High quality 99.9% gold with .09% unique alloy to strengthen the pure gold.
- Dynamic designs.
- Life-long after sales service
- State of the art manufacturing of superior and prestigious product. A distinctive expression of corporate image as the symbol, reminiscent of the infinite permutations of superb design and infinite progress of business.

Address :

Emporium Shopping Complex, 2 Floor

How to get there :

Connecting to Prompong Station

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