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Pattra Devahastin


4/5 Zen Tower, Rajdamri Rd., Pathumwan, Bangkok


+66 2100 9797

Power Buy- The world of technologies and infinite selections.

Power Buy is the largest electronics retail outlet in Thailand. This is where customers can browse the latest gadgets and products, such as Home Appliances, LED/LCD/Plasma TV’s, digital SLR cameras, laptop computers, Tablets, or the latest Mobile Phones, in specially-designed modern store environments, with great services and satisfaction guaranteed.


As an authorized reseller of Apple Products, Power Buy has a dedicated Apple Shop which stocks the latest Macs, iPhone, iPad, iPod and other accessories for all Apple lovers. Power Buy provides 100% customer satisfaction-guaranteed services, including Home Delivery, Repair Services, Air Cleaning Services, Price Guaranteed and Extended Warranty-3Plus.


Power Buy has more than 70 branches in Bangkok and nationwide, and continually adjusts store formats to fit the constantly changing needs of its customers. The company has stand-alone stores in different provinces throughout Thailand. With greater space, these stand-alone Power Buy stores provide customers with greater choices and extra convenience, and act as distribution centers in different geographical areas.

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4/5 Zen Tower, Rajdamri Rd., Pathumwan, Bangkok

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