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+66 53 232 884


+66 53 232 884

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Today, Thai silk is considered to be one of the finest fabrics in the world, a product of a unique manufacturing process and bearing unique patterns and colors.
Since traditional Thai silk is hand woven, each silk fabric is unique and cannot be duplicated through commercial means. In contrast, artificial silk is machine woven, which means that every part of the fabric is identical and has the same color.
In addition, Thai silk has a unique lustre, with a sheen that has two unique blends: one color for the warp and another for the weft. Color changes as you hold the Thai silk fabric at varying angles against light.
Moreover, Thai silk smells like hair when burned, a testament to the natural fibre that comes from the silk worm, which is similar to the fibre of human hair and fingernails. If you move the flame, Thai silk immediately stops burning. On the other hand, artificial silk smells like plastic when burned.

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