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10.00 - 22.00

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Monday - Sunday


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Central World Plaza, floor 2


+66 2 716 6801-5


+66 2 716 7027-8

Over 5 years, HERS was founded by group of women who passionate for scent where originate from USA. They met American family who invent aromatic candle and develop to homemade personal body lotion, shower gel, body butter, body scrub etc.. They eventually took over the formula and start small business in Asia. With a focus on creating and developing on the best product with emphasis on sophisticated scent including beauty, health and well being of urban chic ladies HERS become an everything that a woman wants.
Hers Business philosophy focus on creating and offering the emotional product that suitable for woman characterize, easy to use in busy life, fashionable, affordable, rich fragrance and the highest quality which guarantee that HERS produce from the best ingredients.
We run business on our loves and passions in the art of scent and nobody be able to fulfill women’s needs better than HERS. We also committed consumer to improve more effective products and now we are ready to grow and create products till you trust on.
At present, HERS products are well known among trendy ladies and will continue to expand to further market. HERS has stores in prime area of Bangkok , United States and coming in Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Middle East

Address :

Central World Plaza, floor 2

How to get there :

7 minutes walk from Chidlom station

15 Minutes walk from Siam Square

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