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Emporium Shopping Complex, 2st Floor


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Flynow is one of the most successful fashion name in Thailand and internationally recognized.
Flynow started from a small ladies’s wear collection in 1983, and as worked it’s way up to become one of the top names in Thailand, then we added leather wear to our collection, and got an amazing response, Flynow the leather becomes one of our new lines in 1989 and until now. Flynow has 10 stand alone shops and more than 60 concessions all over Thailand.
In 1995, we launched Flynow Black at the London Fashion Week. Flynow Black as the pioneer brand for the company was a great success.
Flynow Black by Mr. Chaman was voted to be the top 5 designers from that season. Following our successful show in London, it was nly a matter of time until we started to export to the Southeast Asian, Japanese and European markets.
Our strong point being with both design and manufacturing. We feel confident that Flynow will grow even stronger in the international market.

Address :

Emporium Shopping Complex, 2st Floor

How to get there :

Connecting to Prompong Station

1 minutes walk from Queen Sirikij Park

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