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Thai Dessert Museum
Thai Dessert Museum was established on the occasion of King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 80th Anniversary under the collaboration of The Thai Dairy Industry Co. Ltd. and Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP).

Travel to the Past at Sukhothai – the Land of History
Sukhothai used to be a kingdom of abundance in the past, which has represented the identity of the Thais up until the present.

2 of the Most Luxurious- yet friendly - in Sukhothai
the best places to stay, which will surely offer you the most luxurious experience yet with a budget-friendly price to suit all of your desires.

Tae Liang Hua
Pia Dessert

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Rangsit Floating Market
Located at Klong 1, Prachatipat district, it is known for its array of OTOP food and dessert displays