Salawin River

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Salawin River, Mae Hong Sorn. When this name is mentioned, many tourists may dream of packing their bags and go see the river that flows from the Tibetan plateau through China, Myanmar and into Thailand. Read more

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Salawin River

Salawin River, Mae Hong Sorn. When this name is mentioned, many tourists may dream of packing their bags and go see the river that flows from the Tibetan plateau through China, Myanmar and into Thailand. Salawin is one of the longest free-flowing rivers in the world and there are many stories about it. Salawin is the border of Thailand and Myanmar, the source of the river is in the Qinghai Mountains, Tibet at more than 1,578 meters. Salawin is also called the Kong River when it flows past Amphur Mae La Noi, which is the location of the Salawin Wildlife Sanctuary. It continues through Amphur Mae Sariang and Amphur Sob Moey, which is where the Salawin National Park is located. Most sightseeing trips visit Salawin National Park, The office is located in Amphur Mae Sariang, and there are two protection units at Baan Mae Sam Lab (embarking point) and Taa Ta Fung which is on the north of Baan Mae Sam Lab.

Baan Mae Sam Lab, the starting point, is located in Amphur Mae Sareang. It is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Mae Hong Sorn. Baan Mae Sam Lab is a small village on the banks of the Salawin River, located opposite Myanmar and surrounded by jungle. Even though it is situated inside the Thai border, you can see many Burmese since there is also an immigration service for Burmese people who live in Thailand. There are many cottages built near the banks of the Salawin River. The atmosphere at this area looks as if you are not actually in Thailand. Visitors should go cruising along the river to see the country living style of the villagers.

The distance in the Thai area is 120 kilometers and there are two outstanding points that starts from Baan Mae Sam Lab. At the beginning, boats cruise along the river to Amphur Sob Moey or the point where Moey River combines together with Salawin River that will take around one hour. Next, boats cruise upstream to Baan Taa Ta Fung and takes thirty minutes. The beauty of Salawin River can be seen during the cruise from Baan Mae Sam Lab up to Baan Taa Ta Fung, which is a big rock and quite amazing. During summer, when the water reduces, the rocky banks are wider and it is the period when the snow from Tibet into the river, therefore, the Salawin River during this time is beautiful. For winter, even though the water is not clear, the white mist still makes the atmosphere alluring and looks like a dream village.The Protection Unit of Mae Sam Lab National Park has accommodation for tourists to stay which are located on the hill at the banks of the Salawin River. Tourists can bring their cars up and there are also restaurants on the banks of Salawin River. In addition, if visitors want to get closer to nature, they can choose to stay at the protection unit of Baan Taa Ta Fung National Park, which is on the north of Baan Mae Sam Lab. Tourists, will have to take a boat for thirty minutes. There is a lot of accommodation located near the river. If visitors choose to stay here, they will have to arrange for a boat to pick them on their way back and prepare their own food.

Travel Routes

From the city of Mae Sareang, drive four kilometers 1194 Highway past the Mae Sam Lab National Park and then turn right and drive along for another four kilometers. Tourists could also stop at the office of the National Park or go straight to Baan Mae Sam Lab, which is 46 kilometers away. There are beautiful views along the side.

Travelling period

Summer: Clear water and able to see the rock banks, which is the most beautiful season to travel / Winter: Cold weather and beautiful mist.