Phu Kradueng

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Phu Kradueng is a great place for nature lovers to explore forest and hills. Read more

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Phu Kradueng

Phu Kradueng is a great place for nature lovers to explore forest and hills. The route up to Phu Kradueng is such a challenging way to test the strength of the climbers since it is very high and steep, therefore, whoever reaches the peak should be proud of themselves. The prize that they will receive in return is the most beautiful scenery of high mountains located among mountain mist and lush forest which makes the climbers forget all their tiredness. This is the place to see maple trees shed their leaves in the cool breeze of winter.

If you have a chance to explore the route along the waterfall to the tropical rain forest, you will witness the beauty of waterfalls and maple leaves that are shedding leaves from green to red on the northern part of the forest. There are birds to be spotted all along the way. The most important thing that travelers should do is to welcome the dawn at Lom Sak cliff. The big pine trees as the background which is another unforgettable memory at Phu Kradueng.


Don’t forget to try the original food of the southeast region such as Som Tum (papaya salad), grilled chicken, larb (minced meat with vegetables and chilli) at Kon Muang Loei restaurant at Loei Chiang Karn Rd, Loei province.

Things to know before travelling

The maple trees will shed leaves from November to December. Tips for climbing Phu Kradueng are that the travelers should start out early in the morning since the weather will not be too hot and travelers should not be in a rush. The advantage is the traveler will be able to view all the scenery and absorb nature as much as they want.