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Wat Khaek Silom and its yummy enclave

Wat Khaek Silom and its yummy enclave


Wat Khaek Silom or Wat Sri Maha Uma Devi is a spiritual center in the middle of the business district of Silom in downtown Bangkok. Surprisingly, around the temple is a foodie’s paradise. Spend a day exploring the small area and you will be delighted with yummy delicacies.

If you find a long line on Silom road next to the temple, guess that it is Ama Bakery. Ama Bakery is housed in a commercial building and tempts with very soft bread in various flavors such as tuna, mushroom, chicken, sausage and the most famous Thai pandan creamy custard. They cost between 10-15 baht a piece. You should visit the shop in the morning; otherwise, there will be fewer choices left in the afternoon.

Right behind Wat Khaek are two noodle shops next to each other. But the famous one is Yen Ta Fo Wat Khaek. It serves very delicious pink noodle soup, which is characterized by the sweet-tangy-spicy red sauce. The family-run shop is quite small with only 7 tables.

Kuay Jab Nam Khon Wat Khaek is another excellent outlet. Probably influenced by China, Kuay Jab noodle includes rolled rice noodle, soft pork, crispy pork, fried tofu, and peppery broth. It is among the top dishes worthwhile to try here.

If you find such traditional shops do not suit your style, you should visit the stylish shops such as Bonita Café and Social Club as well as Luka.

Bonita Café and Social Club is a vegan café with great friendly service as the owner brews coffees, cooks, and serves.  With cozy decoration, you will feel like at home. It offers drinks, meals, cake and desserts. 

With a long menu, Luka offers food and artwork amidst the minimalist interior. Try a mushroom truffle omelet, Rice noodle with mixed mushroom curry or spicy minced mushroom salad with homnil rice and you will most likely come back again.

Silom is always busy and crowded. However, bumping your shoulders among other happy eaters may make your exploration colorful.


How to get there: Wat Khaek Silom or Wat Sri Maha Uma Devi is located on Silom Road.