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The colorful cotton and crafts of Lamphun

The cotton and crafts that light up Lamphun


Nestled modestly in the quiet corner of Lamphun province, Ban Don Luang in Pa Sang District is a place you should check it out if you admire Lanna traditional attires.

The village is a mecca of Lanna clothing. Rows of fashion outlets occupy both sides of the road, offering a great variety of cotton attires in different designs, from traditional to modern ones. From traditional Lanna tube skirts with bright embroideries, shoulder scarves, batik sleep suites, to classic and stylish Lanna shirts, shoppers will be stunned by clothing galore to choose from.

Ban Don Luang is the community of Yong ethnic group, which has an outstanding skill for wood carving and weaving. They once worked in weaving factories in town. After the closure of the factories, the local weavers continue to work at home by setting up the weaving center. Now, their inherited skill becomes a magic instrument to produce glorious garments.

With the construction of eight weaving centers in the village plus a central showroom and outlet, Ban Don Luang is now shopping center for northern clothing. Besides, beautiful garments from the town are distributed nationwide.

The vivid annual festival showcases the best of Ban Don Luang’s products. If you want to make a pit stop at the village, better spare some hours and a lot of bucks.


How to get there: Ban Don Luang is 10 miles south of Lamphun town via road number 1032. Call TAT Chiang Mai office at 053-248-604. For more information.