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Thanam Kham Phop: Lively River and the lively market

Lively River and the lively market


From a neglected section of waterway, the riverine of Phetchaburi springs back to life again at Thanam Kham Phop Market.

Situated on the both sides of Phetchaburi River in Tha Yang District, the market showcases how the local enjoy and utilizes the prestige river. Villagers from both banks lend their hands to clean up and turn the riverside area into a place of attraction.

Phetchaburi River is a backbone of the province. Originated from Tenasserim Range, the river flows into the sea with the total length of 130 miles. Though the river runs mostly through lush forest and plantations, this section of the river is a recreation area worthwhile to stop by.

The countryside market is special with great variety of cuisine you can enjoy, particularly the local dishes like Thong Muan, or rolled pancake both crispy and soft ones, “ Ngob” or grilled seasoned meats in banana leaf wrap and “Jub Lak” or fish cake in stick. Moreover, OTOP crafts, local produces and chemical-free agricultural products from the neighborhood are available, too.

While the market is packed with food lovers, live music and stage performances entertain the visitors. The riverside lawns become picnic area where holiday makers sit back. Families cruise on pedal boats while swimmers dip in the clean river to relief themselves from day’s heat. This section of the peaceful river turns vibrant eventually.

How to get there:  Thanam Kham Phop Market is open on weekend, from 12am to 9pm. It is located close to Tha Yang Market, some 93 miles from Bangkok via 35 and 4.