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Thailand’s five hidden heaven on islands

Thailand’s five hidden heavens of islands


Among hundreds of islands that scatter along the coast of Thailand, some of them are hidden gems which are off the beaten tracks.


Koh Rok, Krabi

Every morning off monsoon season, sea lovers always rush to the island leaving their foot prints on the empty beaches of Koh Rok. Its whitewash beaches, untouched nature and an impressive underwater ecosystem make Koh Rok a dream place for divers as well as snorkelers.

The twin islands Koh Rok Nai and Koh Rok Nok are part of Mu Ko Lantan Marine National Park. They are tiny heavens which are just located 30 kilometers south of Koh Lanta.  


Koh Lipe, Satun

The stripe of white power-like sandy beach of this L-shaped tropical paradise in the southernmost corner of Thailand’s Andaman attracts tourists from all around the world. Koh Lipe is one out of 51 islands located at the edge of Tarutao Marine National Park. Its surroundings are perfect for both diving and snorkeling with an abundance of marine life and corals.


Koh Phayam, Ranong

Like Koh Samui in the 70’s, Koh Phayam is an unpolluted getaway. The peaceful island of Ranong province gives you the feeling of Thailand decades ago. You can get around safely, lingering on empty wide beaches, or spend your afternoon on hammocks under the shade of palms. Make a secret island vacation and enjoy the quiet- and peacefulness here.


Koh Racha Phuket

Located around 12 kilometer south of Phuket, Koh Racha is an excellent daytrip destination for snorkeling and diving. The crystal clear, abundance of marine life and stunning beautiful beaches attracts a lot of visitors. Its u-shaped main bay called “Ao Pa Tok” and offers a strip of fine white sandy beach where tourists love to enjoy sunbathing and kayaking.


Koh Kood, Trat

Sometimes mistaken as the Maldives, Koh Kood impresses visitors with extraordinary beaches dotted along the western side of the island. However, most of the areas remain still untouched, allowing visitors to enjoy quiet getaways among wilderness. Scoot around on your rental bike to discover the island, do some island hopping and spend days among untouched nature. Koh Kood can be a dreamlike tropical heaven.