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Thai-Lao Market, Bueng Kan's marketplace of friendship

Thai-Lao Market,  Bueng Kan's marketplace of friendship


Opposite to Laos' Pakxan, is the lively Thai-Lao Market, thronged with merchants from both sides of the mighty Mekong River.

Thai merchants offer goods that can be widely seen in regular Thai markets, but what makes this marketplace standing out is forest goods offered by some Laotian vendors.

Those wild stuff and local goods range from herbal remedies, mushrooms, seasonal insects, rats, small fish gathered in sticks, ready-to-eat chicken embryos, fresh Mekong fish, sun-dried geckos to buffalo skin which can be ingredients of special dishes. Definitely, you will be amazed by the rare items brought from the Laotian side.

This vivid market occupies the riverside road, stretching 700 feet. Opening on Tuesday and Friday, this market attracts a number of locals as well as tourists who are looking for an exotic experience.

The peaceful province of Bueng Kan is also famed for unique rock formation called Hin Sam Wan. Situated on top of Phu Singh Hill, the rocks’ shape resembles trio gigantic whales swimming towards cliff edges and are about to jump into vast forest down below.

Surrounded by panoramic view, the 75-million-year rocks are a popular spot to catch majestic views of the sunrise.

Another place offering great view is at Phu Thok. Although visitors have to climb numerous staircases to conquer the 1,177-feet high sandstone mountain, their hard work will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of Bueng Kan's countryside. 


How to get there: Bueng Kan Province is 475 miles northeast of Bangkok via highway 2.