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Tan Rattana Falls: Soaked up in the Falls

Soaked up in the Falls


Hidden in the lush jungle of Khao Yai National Park, the Tan Rattana Falls, in Prachinburi, challenges you with its exciting abseiling experience.

Tan Rattana Falls is a small falls on Wang Bon Canal. It cascades through the lush jungle of Khao Yai and, with a valley view and flower meadows, becomes one of the best place for abseiling in the country.

Before the real trip is the training session for abseiling and kayaking. The training checkouts adventurers’ fitness and skill, as well as checking all the equipment. After trekking through the luscious jungle, the adventure will meet “Song Phi Nong Falls”, a towering 70 metres high falls. This part includes abseiling overhang at the end. The scenic falls and its shower will keep you refreshed.

You will get soaked a bit more at the second station, at Song Sawan Falls, at 18 metre high. Easy picnic lunch by the pool is awaiting those who get through first.


The last rappelling, through the 38 metre high vertical falls, is the toughest one with the pouring stream from above, but the challenging one as well. Wild flowers on the cliff, pool and luscious vibe of the jungle make the abseiling a great way to experience Khao Yai’s jungle.

The trip will be completed at Wang Bok Falls, a kilometer away, where you have to descend down to kayak waiting right on the water, before paddling back with a feeling of conqueror.

It is a unique way to enjoy Thailand’s forest and waterfall.


How to get there: Khao Yai National Park is around 3 hour drive from Bangkok, via highway 2.

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