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Siam Niramit : Stunning Cultur+D18:D31al Show of Siam

Siam Niramit: Stunning Cultural Show of Siam


In case you want to get to know Thai people and its culture within a very brief time, the show of Siam Niramit can be a good story teller.

The spectacular show of Siam Niramit is a world class performance of Thai art and culture. The informative show, which takes place on a gigantic stage, impresses the audience with a spectacular stage scene. Mainly stunning costumes for over 100 performers and special effects with advanced technology impress the audience.

The show comprises three acts. The first act features different historical scenes across the country namely the scene of Lanna Kingdom from the north, maritime traders from the south, the Khmer-influenced region of the Northeast and the cultural rich Central Plain.

After the brief explanation about Thai people and culture, the second act reveals Thai belief such as the scary hell, the heavenly forest of Himmaphan as well as the blissful heaven.

The last act features the Thai festive traditional festivals associated with seasons and Buddhist events such as the famous Songkran and Loy Krathong festival.

Before and after the show, the audience can enjoy various activities and small shows such as the elephant war parade and other outdoor performances as well as exploring Thai traditional village, feeding elephants, getting a massage or shopping for handicrafts and souvenirs.

You will be drifted through the colorful and vivid culture of Thailand, through the impressive performance.

How to get there: There are two shows of Siam Niramit, in Bangkok and Phuket. For more information please visit www.siamniramit.com.